May 22, 2022

38 thoughts on “Africa and its Diaspora Ranks 1st on the Medal Table in the Just Concluded #TokyoOlympics2021

    When i was a child watching the Olympics. I hear America, Russia, Europe, China, leading the medal count? But all i see are Black people winning Medals? I realize when its bad its called Africa? when it's good it's called by African Country name? So if you don't know thyself or the 54 Countries of Africa, then you don't know African? "Read this over, open your eyes to understand the semantic hypnotic state of existence we are subject/victim too? The Mind directs the body and some call it strength? You know what would be great? To see the diaspora come home and represent the Contenant of Africa in the Olympics!!

    The US has won a total of 2,522 medals at the Summer Olympics over the years. Of those medals, 1,022 are gold, 795 are silver, and 705 are bronze.
    The next most decorated country in Summer Olympics history is the Soviet Union, which won 1,010 medals during its existence. Rounding out the top three in a distant third is Great Britain, which comes in with 851 total medals, followed by France and Germany.

  2. Guys please for a recorded video there way too many errors particularly for such a short video. Take as many takes as possible, names were butchered, medal count was incorrect ( how does Tunisia get 58 medals? I know it's a slip of the tongue but for a "news/current affairs"channel there way too many mistakes.

  3. I am writing an article about Africans at the olympics and wanted to know if I could use the graph you all created showing the Africa and Diaspora medal count in my article.

  4. That's why they keep testing our athletes and banning them from events. When we were running, jumping etc under their banners there were no issues, now our athletes are doing it for us and suddenly they have the power to tell you how much hormone you should and shouldn't have while they send actual men to compete as women.

  5. It would not be a stretch to include so called "black people" in the U.S., the Caribbeans, Cuba, Brazil, Dom Repub, Haiti, etc in your tally. These are all technically diasporans as well. We have to start thinking of ourselves as all Africans. For me whenever Africa wins, I view it as "Us" winning. It should be the same viewpoint from all mainland Africans when "blacks" from other countries outside of the African continent itself win. This would make even clearer our overall global dominance as a whole.

  6. Empress we are already UNITED( Uni-verse) we just need the time away from their distraction to be still and see it.
    Its all about consciousness and its right there waiting for us to turn within, return to our ancient rituals and transcend their EVIL conditionings. Our Ancestors foretold all that would happen during the GREAT RESET….Prophet inna real life

  7. Why counts on Africans in Diaspora why is the continent and those home not doing it?
    Is it lack of infrastructures, motivation, malnutrition, investment and so many other poor factors.

    Africa continent can also integrate white folks to their systems if we have the right leaders.

    Africa continent is last on the Olympic….period….we should stop looking for excuses.

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