September 20, 2023

Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas (pictured above), the African Union’s for the , talks candidly about the current political and economic status quo of , the decline of democracy, the marginalisation of populations and why insecurity is increasing. Interview by Said Adejumobi, Director of Strategic Planning, Results and Oversight Division at the UN Economic Commission for .

You are a pan-Africanist who has held different -level positions and led in various capacities, can you paint a picture of how things have evolved on the continent?

Dr Mohamed Ibn Chambas: Over the last two decades the African continent has created a new narrative. Beginning from 2000, there was a lot of optimism on the continent. There was the transformation of the OAU to the AU, talk of an African renaissance and the new partnerships for development; all of this was also accompanied by increasing democratisation on the continent.

Yet, despite…

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