July 6, 2022

24 thoughts on “Africa Continues to Speak Out About Racist Treatment of Africans in Ukraine & Europe

  1. 1. Who is it thats been providing humanitarian aid and refugee support for the past 70 years whenever Africans decide to start killing each other?

    2. Where is the African men voluntering to fight? Many African nations owe their Independance to Western volunteers and support, especially Seirra Leone. Theres people from all over the world volunteering, but no Africans.

    3. Why isnt their nations helping them? other nations helped their citizens, India even chartered a plane for theirs.

    African nationalists, always talking about freeing themselves of the 'white man', but always expecting his help, and for him to do what is their responsibility.

  2. The UN does not care about anyone, but themselves. If it was the Europeans being discriminated anywhere else, you can be that the UN will be active about it. UN is so bad and discriminate anyone how is "white European".

  3. what can we expect from Ukraine? they support NeoNazis!!! It is horrible that in 2022 there are still governments that support Nazis!!!

  4. We keep crying loud that whites discriminate against us, do you love your fellow African neighbours, welcome them happily within your borders? When you meet abroad in the diaspora, do you embrace each other with that same love you expect from the whites? Start at home and spread the love to the whole world. This hate everywhere, anywhere is bitterly disturbing

  5. We must successfully create functioning African countries. That have enlightened technology, the
    eradication of poverty, and complete control of all our assets. Including nuclear power. Africa has all the assets to make great countries. Why haven't we instituted solar power, sustainable housing, factories run and managed by Africans. It is imperative for African countries to do this. We must achieve successful viability we certainly have the resources.

  6. Putin is telling about the Ukrainans leadership that they are Neo-NAZIS groups trying to implement their white supremacism ideology. Africans leadership are been use and manipulated because they can't think critically and indpependently due to the fact they always follow the steps and decsion of their former slaves and colonials masters

  7. The western media unintentionally exposed themselves to the African people and other race their hatred and professionalism racism and discrimination in this war with Russia.

  8. I have lived in the UK all my life. Africa please wake up they only care about their people it is time for Africa to do the same. If you are waiting for them to change their evil ways it will never happen.

  9. As a white South African, I was appalled by the way Africans were treated at the borders by Ukrainian officials. I have since learned that a significant proportion of Ukrainian government officials indeed have ties to the Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine. So, while I'm against the invasion of Ukraine, I'm also against the Ukrainian government for allowing Nazis to hold positions of power in their government. I refuse to support Nazis and racists. While I am against Putin's invasion, I'm also not supporting Ukraine while they welcome white supremacists and Nazis in their government and defence force.

  10. When is the african going to realise, that you cant ask a person that hates or despise for respect or equal treatment. Only a weak person would do that. And sadly africans the world over has been begging nations for acceptance. Time we stand up for ourselves by treating them with same disrespect. Petiod. Like the good book says : 'An eye for an eye.'

  11. I'm never been proud being Ugandan. We never endorsed that tragic UN Resolution. We signed in Iraq..there were no WMD's. We signed in Libya. GADAFFI was murdered. Now to Russia..Enough is Enough.
    Russia's Security concerns are no much to the Sovereignty of Ukraine.

  12. ** FROM THE USA: You all get treated like that by the Chinese and colonist in your own country. Why complain outside of your country. We here in the USA watch how the Chinese beat you all up. We see how the white south Afticans treat the indigenous Africans. We see how they live and how most Africans live (horrible) in their own country, A country full of resources. That is shameful and embarrassing. We came over here on slave ships and this is not our country. Africa is you all country. The leaders of Africa don't even take care of their people. So many Afticans are poor. Slavery could be a blessing to us, it just depend on how one looks at it. I would not like living the lifestyle the average African live. That is horrible and do sad.

  13. From USA: Those people are not thinking about Africans; They own just about all of Africa's resources. Africans need to go and sit down somewhere. You all should watch the videos of them in meetings with President Macron. They line the Africans up in chairs like children. This be the African presidents. The Africans just be honored to be in the Frenh presence. It is so pathetically embarrassing.I am ashamed of them. I am black but ashamed of them. KENYA AND GHANA ARE. PROBABLY THEIR BEST PUPPETS.

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