May 23, 2022

37 thoughts on “Africa Coronavirus News Update That You Need to Know Today

  1. Why 10 million? Bill Gates wish it'll be 10 million or should I say he's planning for it to be 10 million maybe more. My brothers and sisters in Africa STAY ALERT, DON'T LET THAT EVIL MAN KILL Y'ALL!

  2. There's rumours the China is exporting tainted food , toys and other products that Africa has to be concerned about. It's also rumored that the corona virus is susceptible to heated climates, Time will tell.

  3. The thermometers at the airports don’t detect people who could be carriers of the covid19!! Then certain people are also coming in from China to Dubai to Africa, another problem! Survival seems to be each man for himself! We need more awareness within the continent!!! The General population do not even understand what the virus is about, when you ask they say “ no be that China something “? How can the general population protect themselves when they have no clue and nothing is being done to educate them!! Very Sad! God Help Us All!

  4. I watched his speech (bill gates) online only a few days ago that he gave about 5 years ago , in connection to virus outbreak. He said if an airborne virus gets to Africa the death toll will be devastating. Simply because Africa is not ready to fight any battles, worse airborne battles against viruses. It is not ready neither is it showing any signs of being keen to prepare for a viral outbreak. As much as I hate to admit it he is very much right, look at what ebola did. Imagine if ebola was airborne. In my hometown people die by the hundreds, just from a cholera outbreak in this century still. This says a lot about our investment in medical developments and studies. It should be advice to our leaders to invest a lot more in research and in viral outbreak equipment and viral outbreak drills for medical stuff so as to put our people in a better position to fight these battles. But again with some of the current leaders we have in Africa, this will remain but a wish.

  5. I would like to say, I offered to neutralize the coronavirus, sadly Sierra Leone did not answer the call for help, Sierra Leone has used Black magic to alter the 2016 elections and has publicly confessed to this, I have investigated this,
    Many people have no idea about this, and the W.Africa sierra leone is silent.
    I am still willing to neutralize it through PSI, but again Sierra Leone one of chains soft powers is silent

  6. Bill Gates and friends are the one responsible for this so called new virus they created , and they definitely want it in Africa , this is their main goal of the NWO , to eliminate people of color , . Daddy Bush said it in his speech about the coming of the new world order , in his closing , he stated they would not live under the laws of the jungle, you really need to listen to the entire speech he gave to the UN general assembly .

  7. The infected Chinese are busy spitting on the floor buttons in their lifts and Bill Gates is worried about Africa?? Something wrong with this picture. Just what is he up to?

  8. This is a fucking set up. How in the hell is non-African bringing the disease to Egypt Africa ? They purposely sent this person to COVID19 in Africa. Same way they took Ebola, HIV, Genetically modified mosquitoes and other diseases to Africa. Same strategy they are using. Their target is Africa, once it gets to Africa I promise you there would not be anymore coronaviruses in the western countries and let depopulation take over Africa. That’s their goal

  9. Eugenicists like Bill Gates have been working on a problem (a virus) that needs their solution (a vaccine) that they will give. The panic from a pandemic will make many take the vaccine, but death and control comes with the vaccine. Africa needs to be careful and monitor it's Chinese population.

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