October 18, 2021

9 thoughts on “Africa Day 2018: Moving Forward with the Implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area

  1. The problem is so many of us from the diaspora think they know the problems of our continent with out having even been lived in Africa This is a everyday Saga the political crisis from the likes of Francophone country is a hindrance the meddling of these colonial boarders and mind sets need attention The Americans are suspect are a malaria and are here for self control as are all the Europeans

  2. Obama is a disgrace he must have known AFRICOM, NATO will never allow Africans to have their freedom ,; they are using the Hegel dialectic method , They use little proxi armies and their NGO to create numerous problems within African countries ,they offer the solution to the problem they created in your countries. If your county don't accept their proposals to fix the problem they increase the problems. Those probleme will never be fixed because they caused it in the first place LOL Proxy armies to cause terrorist activities NGO's to buy up politicians, news people and talk show hosts. creating coups to remove leaders . 90% of Africa's problems is created in Washington ,10 Downing st and Paris collectively and backed up by the 5 eyes countries

  3. The issue of borders is a sad reality. I wonder why after many years of independence of African countries we are still in bondage. We are still following the colonisers border lines which were used to weaken Africa by the them

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