December 1, 2021

11 thoughts on “Africa: Foreign Investors or Foreign Exploiters? We Debate & You Decide

  1. Tanzania is about to change history subject to focus and reflect about Tanzania history more, in the past it used to focus more about colonial era, and cover lots of foreign history, so soon Tanzanian children will start to learn Tanzania history and tradition it’s values

  2. EXTRA.EXTRA.EXTRA…Read all about it!!!
    All Youtubers featuring African Affairs should look into what is currently going on in Nigerian politics today.
    One of the "Mis-educated" Nigerian politicians namely "Fani-Kayode" is advocating the "Importation & Invitation" of deadly Mercenaries into the country.
    Yes, this unscrupulous newspaper vendor parading as a well-wishing citizen, is calling for murderous Mercenaries into the country to aid in the killing of other Nigerians labeled as "Herdsmen"!!!
    How ridiculous does this sound in this day and age…???
    Inviting murderous foreigners to come and kill Africans within continental Africa by a puppet-sellout "African politician"
    This is a topic for you all to bring to the table…URGENTLY!!!

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