September 16, 2021


  1. people forget their roots so easily if you have a problem with your roots help improve it don't down it, if blm was really for black people it should be promoted as something to better life in the motherland where the majority of black people are based not for a better life in foreign countries people are suffering in Africa everyday

  2. You have said it well,for some Africa American moving to the mother land I am so proud of them trying to adjust to the new ways of life and I am sure the ancestors will bring things back to their memory. As for the sister in culture shock,first I would like to apologize to her for posting that she should be kicked off the continent. I was angry at the way she was running off her mouth about our family THERE. I went to Ghana in February of this year and since then I have no peace in my mind every day and night Africa is on my mind. There's an invisible line that is pulling me home. I am a jamaican and we left Africa but Africa never left us.,for kingstonian they will have to adjust a little bit but the country people we will fit in a little easier .

  3. I would like to make it clear that this is NOT a NEW UPLOAD but it was current at the time published. Someone has mentioned that we should stop talking about this topic, but there is a greater message in the video than AC. I have a greater mission to complete than the focus of AC. This is a public platform, she spoke, and other people responded by exercising their right to free speech.

  4. Can't we all just forget about this lady please and stop making her more important than she really is. Also stop defaming innocent people in the process. This is probably how tribal wars start one nonsense somebody says some foolishness and the offended group gathers all there torches and pitchforks and roast the other group innocent and all. Never could understand that, just to prove they can get hot. Keeping it going this long because enjoying feeling angry? Of course not, try to never let anyone get that deep under your skin. Recognize foolishness when you see it and just give a knowing smile. Pray and respond as reasonably as you can if you must. We all want to move forward, nonsense people will always be in the midst and tend to be very loud pay them no mind.

  5. Sis, let them think you’re crazy. Don’t worry. You’re intelligent, well spoken and smart so you know how to live. Part of me says that you’re of Jamaican ancestry – able to live and survive anywhere

  6. You are so true…. they need to keep their mouth shut sometime and stop advertising their strategies just keep their mouth shut!!… what you're going to do in Africa to help your brothers and sisters start certain businesses just keep your mouth shut tight.. period….

  7. Gambians are not poor and I wish people stop saying that Gambia are poor. Gambians don't have to have money to be rich. You could be rich without having money. If you look at it from a philosophical point of view by who's definition does the word rich mean. It breaks my heart that this woman has screwed everything up for the people that wants to come to Gambia to love and embrace our brothers and sisters as family. I still plan to come on schedule but I hate the fact that I have to clean up her mess. I won't say how I will be cleaning up her mess, but I will be.

  8. I am sitting here and I just finished watching one of her videos and I thank God that I was not in the same room with her. I'm scheduled to leave the United States between January and sometime in March 2021. I am so ticked off right now knowing that she's diarrhea from the mouth with no diplomacy whatsoever about The Gambia. She needs to shut up and don't say another word negative or positive just shut up. She has gotten on my last nerve and I never thought I would say something like this in a comment but I'm just livid over the comment that she's making over my beloved brothers and sisters. The woman has no etiquette in a social setting. She would stick out like a sore thumb it any diplomatic event. She's not groomed at all and has been like that her entire life that's why she's acting like that as an adult. I'm not trying to be mean I'm just stating facts and hope that someone sees this and pass it on to her so she can open her eyes and recognize. One last thing. A lot of the same things going on in the United States it's just not talked about. If you go down 4th and La Street or Main and La Street in Los Angeles you see it's nasty and people are sleeping in cardboard boxes same thing for New York City in certain areas homeless people all over the place trust me on this I'm from California. We have two different areas we called Hollywood if you remember an older movie with Julia Roberts call Pretty Woman she used to live in the slummy part of the runchey Hollywood. Now in that area there's underage boys and girls being pimped by local people as The Tourist. Now if you go to San Francisco you see so many gay people selling their bodies for money. Right now in America there's a national suit going on in America to sue the Scout leaders was sleeping with underage Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. Even a suit against the priests as well if you notice there's an s on priests. I can go on and on but you wait until she get the Africa and start dogging our brothers and sisters on the continent.

  9. She must leave her African-American views and miseducation about the countries of the countries of Africa. African-Americans must come with the realization that they have much to learn about Afrika and themselves.

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