March 24, 2023
Africa is my health plan!💛 | Repatriation Vlog

What’s up village! I’ve decided to no longer subscribe to the farce that is western medicine. Welcome to my channel!! I am a …


10 thoughts on “Africa is my health plan!💛 | Repatriation Vlog

  1. I am with you 100%. I hate that America is about the treatment and not the cure. That's their money. I wish I could be done with this high blood pressure and it is stress related.

  2. Yes that’s western medicine for you. It’s designed for profit. Healing is not profitable; take notice of the untimely deaths of our naturopathic healers in this part of the world.

  3. OMG girl your preaching to my entire spirit today on my binge watching to catch up lol, my health and just now having to take bp meds I hate it!! I love that you can just walk without the Walking while Black Moment…

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