September 18, 2021

43 thoughts on “AFRICA IS NOT FOR GRABS + ADVICE FOR PEOPLE MOVING TO AFRICA (reaction to Art Cathey video)

  1. I don't agree with everything she says but aren't the Chinese Indians and other foreigners doing same thing grabbing everything for themselves.
    So u mean u won't allow her but it's okay for them.
    That's crazy!!
    If I was her bring yo ass back to the state's learn to love your people here before you go over there.
    They of a different mind set because they haven't been through what we as African Americans have.
    But from what I see its coming.

  2. Looking at all the Chinese, Europeans and east Indians taking over Africa I can't tell it's not for grabs. Or is this message only toward African Americans?

  3. Bro,I am happy you guys can see that. You all should open your eyes. I am so stunne you guys give all these land to foreigners. The bag family was given all these land. Gambians can't be tenants in their own country. I am also from Africa, although a us citizens. See what happen to Liberia. These blacks are not pan Africans. They want to stretch their dollars.

  4. AFRICA is not for Grabs? Tell that to the Asians and Europeans who consistently are unapologetic about their unethical business practices in Africa. Until than it is.

  5. I bet she would not have said these words in Ethiopia, am an Eritrean who lived there, they won't give you smiley faces and stuff they are so aware of everything they would have evicted her from. Her home by now

  6. Art Cathey and her followers are fake. I commented on the sex tourism she likes to talk about and she deleted the comment. My comment was that a Black American friend of mine told me that Black Americans go to the Caribbean for sex tourism because it is cheaper and safer for them. If a Black man is engaged in sex tourism you cannot tell if it is a local walking with a relative! So let's stop the assumption that only old white people are in the sex tourism industry. That's how we can save especially the children.

  7. An the end of the day what she is saying is cold bold but is her honest truth people hate hearing the truth yes she may be a little arrogant and it may hurt people feelings but what she really is saying is the gambian people have no game letting other groups manipulate them but if a African American comes and take advantage over the situation to help themselves and their people now all of a sudden it's a mid life crisis! UNBELIEVABLE!

  8. I get what he saying BUT WHY THE REAL QUICK RESPONSE TO US SAYING THAT BUT THE CHINESE AN EVERONE ELSE I don't see the quick responses on other races who not just talking but doing exploitive things!!!!

  9. You make some good points, but you need to relax brother.  The she is not talking about colonizing.  You don't have a full understanding the global dynamics in Liberia. Most African conflicts are instigated or funded by Europeans.  The Chinese, Arabs, & Europeans don’t see you part of them. Some don’t see you as human.  If you are not in Gambia doing the work, you don’t have the right to criticize those of us who travel to Africa and are trying to improve it.  You must understand that those of us who travel out see Africans as our family. We also have African DNA. She is trying to uplift Africa in her own way.  Instead of doing the videos, contact her as your sister and talk to her. Tell her your concerns, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  10. I went to comment on her page to show my disapproval but then I stopped because I feel that people like her don't really care about our people so I decided to comment on your page instead and thank you for speaking up and calling her out for her colonizers mentality.

  11. The Liberian civil war was caused by instigators that were not Black Africans. Yes. You are correct we should unite to fight the common enemy but don’t get overly emotional when Art Cathey does something distasteful. That common enemy you talk about will now see an opening to cause a greater divide.

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