July 3, 2022

21 thoughts on “Africa is Splitting in Two at The Rift Valley to Form a New Continent

  1. Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda will be bigger than Ethiopia and Somalia both population-wise and the size of the nation population of a United Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda will be 163,619,831 people, vs Ethiopias 117,876,227 people, and Somalia 16,395,504, Size of our New New nation will 1,780,989km Squared, vs Ethiopia’s 1,104,300km squared, and Somalia’s 637,657 km Squared, I hope Ethiopia, and Mozambique Joins our New nation with Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania but with Mozambique population and Size will be 195,782,878 people the original Swahili Nations in East Africa and Africa like 8th Century Ad not City states or Tribes but National States but we have to remove English and Portuguese for So we can become a Swahili Nation and Size will be 2,80,369 bigger than Nigeria only at 923,768 Km Squared will be the biggest country in Africa Size wise covering both East and Southern African will be bigger than Japan at with a population at 126,068,290 people, and Size only at 377,835 km squared will be a world Economy if We get rid of Corruption right now our GDP would be 222,44Billion Gross domestic product trade and GDP per capita at 3,685.00 will still be a lower middle income Country but by 2030 will be 8,770.05k will be an upper Middle Income Country which is good if it was country just one day with Faith.🦾

  2. How's my continent AOTEAROA Isaiah 45 you will rule the Egyptians the Ethiopians and the Sabeans they will come to you with all there merchandise and it will be all yours they will bow down and say God is with you and there is no other God

  3. I wonder what the environment will be like? It’s very close to the equator line which would make it hot but at the same time it’s surrounded by water on all sides. Beaches would form along the coast as it slowly drifts away from the mainland. I wonder if it becomes tropical?

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