September 26, 2022

49 thoughts on “Africa Must Take back All its Stolen Art From the West Now

  1. It’s unacceptable?? He don’t hier himself what’s he talks about; British did. very Bad to Africans and not long ago, they used to capture African chiefs who opposed them in the Continent and transferred them to Seyschell island and locked them; barbarism!!

  2. As a member of the African population in my opinion if you ask or demand the return of what is rightfully ours and your request or demands are ignored then the only solution is to take them back the same way they were taken from us (what goes around comes around)

  3. Funny how we are immigrants refugees illegals but if you are white you only a "colonizer" or in America you were a "Pilgrim" or "founding father"

  4. To me the sad thing is that the people defending the theft aren't even the ones who committed it, those things were taken decades, sometimes centuries ago, they could return them with a clean conscience knowing they didn't commit the crime and are now helping to resovle it instead of doubling down. The sons and daughters of the western nations should try to ammend the crimes of their fathers and mothers so they can be proud of their ancestors' legacy while also understanding the wrongs they comitted and then, most importantly, trying to be better than those that came before the. You don't have to hate your past and your own people to realize that they did aome very terrible things, and that it would be so very easy for you to undo at least the act itself, and help build a better world for your children and the children of Africa.

  5. Fact is many works of art were not appreciated back then and were sold as junk. Many items were very artistic but we're looted by African warlords and sold for booze and weapons.

  6. If those artifacts remained in Africa back then, they would not exit today. Where are your museums in Africa? You should have hundreds of museums filled in Africa. Fact is many Africans

  7. The only way to show that you are different from your fore fathers is to accept that these art works were stolen; then returning them any action less than the one stated above will stand as a testament that you just like your fore fathers ( rapists murderers…)

  8. "So, what we want the children of the world to understand is that stealing is okay as long as you don't accept responsibility for your actions" ….. 👏👏👏 🇬🇧 👏👏👏

  9. That nonsense of "the values of then vs now" implies that in the past there were no laws against theft, no concept of ownership in their cultures. Of course, that is BS!
    People like that mzungu MP need to be challenged to the core of their racist bone marrow.
    His ancestors told themselves and others that we were not fully human like the wazungu, and consequently, they had the right to take (steal) those items as only wazungu could properly appreciate them. (Let us leave the assininity of that bizarre mentality aside for now.)
    If he still is refusing to correct his ancestors' morally criminal behaviour, is he not, in truth, declaring his belief that he too considers us still not fully human? Is his stance not clearly saying that he supports the immoral actions, the deficiencies of his ancestors?
    Ask him if he supports Jews having their items taken by Germans during the Nazi era returned to them, since the Nazis considered the Jewish people-group less than "fully human" just like his ancestors thought of us? Let's watch him squirm out of that one!
    You have to go deep and clear with those folks. Leave them no wiggle room.
    I would also work to coordinate a global agitation through Afrikan-ascent activists (and possibly non-Afrikan allies) in off-continent nations. Many people are unaware of these stolen artifacts and if told, would support and add their own pressure for Britain to return them. Additionally, seeing the beauty and highly artistic level of production and manipulation of raw materials reached by Afrikans so many centuries ago, beyond the capabilities of Europeans of that time, would be a powerfully teachable moment, undercutting further the continuing lies of "Black Afrikan inferiority" and the "need" for white europeans to enslave and colonize in order to "civilize" us.
    I loved your commentary throughout the video. It really does my heart good to hear us no longer biting our tongues when dealing with the pathological mental processing of supporters of the system of white hegemony. Our days of sacrificing our individual or collective dignity to protect the egos of white people are over.

  10. I was hoping you allows the video to play and you take notes of areas you will want to comments on after the video played. You can explain those points after the video, giving us the viewers the opportunity to listen to their of words. Thanks for posting

  11. El Colonialismo no terminó! Que pasa con la vacunas ante la Pandemia y todo lo que es Salud en cualquier momento? Es otro modo de condenar, suprimir, dominar a los grandes pueblos y sus magnificas culturas. Los colonizadores parásitan del sufrimiento de los pueblos que invaden y condenan a la pobreza para así justificarse cómo "salvadores". Son criminales. No hay medias palabras. Justicia, Verdad y Libertad son los hechos imprescindibles para el Progreso sin dependencias!!!

  12. Es repugnante la soberbia. Es imperdonable la ignorancia del "funcionario británico". Cómo todo imperialista, sus argumentos son nulos, tienen el peso y el valor de la violencia con la que cometieron cada uno de sus actos criminales. Es indignante cómo "los superiores", en su arbitrariedad quieren justificarse para seguir avasallando a todos aquellos "que no los llamaron". AFRICA, AMERICA, ASIA….BOTINES DE GUERRA PARA SUS VORACES ASPIRACIONES EXPANSIONISTAS.. EXCEKENTE TU TEABAJO Y VIDEOS. SUSCRIPTA DESDE ARGENTINA. ❤️

  13. Those people view Black people as the lowest of the low but love having what they own. These items are stolen pieces of art work from the African nation. Still they don't want to give it back. The energies that exude from those pieces of art is not for them it has and continues to cause plagues and maladies for their people. Anything that have been stolen is not good for anyone to keep when it causes pain so much.Britain good luck. Keep the African 🎨 you will continually face the consequences of those energies. People from the fire nation light your candles build your bonfires and speak into them call your upon ancestors. They will release your art.

  14. The action needed at this time is to make all the stolen property toxic to the thief.
    Where they will have no choice but return them to their rightful place, and have the justice pronounced for the hughe crimes committed.
    Maat sits in judgement.

  15. The "We don't know what it is to be Human and still learning" is written clearly across the face of that so called cultural secretary

    What make these pale face people think they have a link to any part of the world two miles off there own coast? Lets not also remember they touched those villiage to the ground. They need to pay for thoses deeds as they do many many more.

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