December 1, 2021

28 thoughts on “AFRICA MUST WATCH: Love, Peace and Unity is POSSIBLE for Africa | One Africa Forum

  1. Amazing discussion. Abenezer. I am proud of you. Keep up on your vision, We need the new generation with a mindset like you. Mika, thank you for your dedication to African unity, peace love God bless you all. I love what you did on Ethiopia's history in Korea. Love it.

  2. You’re about African unity and trying defend a fucking dictator how about you talk about the Tigray genocide the dictator Abyi ahmed that you trying defend is starving to death 5 million people and killing innocent Oromo you have blood 🩸 on your hand you are a genocide supporter

  3. Africa problem is not unity or love. Africa problem is religion, corruption, and ethnicity. The leaders use these three things to manipulate and corrupt their citizens. I don't see a different Africa in my generation. Africa will continue to be the same.

  4. This is my second time to find in your messaging the vision of Africa 2063 being pushed forward in utter honesty. Your coverage of and reaction to Abiy Ahmed's open letter last time to the Joe Bidens of the western hemisphere — i.e., not just that of the USA — has given me reason that the upcoming, younger generation of Africa — your generation — is probably the boldest ever and the best chance we have so far since the anti-colonial times, to say no to centuries of injustice, and to make the continent's — Nekrumah's, Niererie's, Seku Toure's and Haile-Selassie's — dream of Pan-Africanism realized. Platforms like yours should be encouraged to focus on issues like this. Keep it up, brother!

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