May 23, 2022

42 thoughts on “Africa Should Leave the United Nations ASAP!

  1. Thank God! Africa should've done this a long time ago. The continent must work together to dictate it's own destiny. I prey that Africa start a BLACK DIASPORA COUNCIL and incorporates the Caribbean, Polynesia, and black Latin American countries. This will stop the kleptocracies and bring balance and growth to all…and STOP the genocidal and greedy Nazis.

  2. I was once an International Relations major in university and delivered a speech on this topic. What Africa needs is an investment in their militaries to protect from western invasions.

  3. Africa needs itself and itself only. African countries should completely leave the UN boycott the European Union and just Unite to form one country with one currency passport and Government along with One Military.

  4. The African Union can be more beneficial to Africa and more powerful than the un. By uniting the continent and becoming the super power it truly is. One borderless Africa , domestic travel & trade , one gov, one force.

  5. If the UN will not make any African nation a permanent member then all African nations should leave the UN and form their own organisation with Caricom and other Melanesian Islands etc.

  6. What is the benefit Africa staying on an organization that never gave equal opportunity and respect .all Africa need immediate leave the UN if it refuses to reform.

  7. Son unos de los mejores conciertos Fuckaef.Uno
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.
    Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.

  8. My 7th grade class had a debate more 20yrs ago that UN does not work for Africa .especially its security counsel. It is the Berlin conference in disguised. Encouragement of genocide on the continent.

  9. The UN is controlled by western globalist billionaires and China. Africa should leave UN immediately. If they "allow" an African nation on the permanent seat, they'd be bought. Don't push hard for seats on a corrupt table.

  10. Africa, and African countries, please don't forget, it is time to enhance your military power too, just like many Europeans countries feel the necessity to enhance their power and defend their borders/countries. Be intelligent/responsible and act wisely… God bless áfrica 🌍

  11. UN human right counseling
    crate by white man basically slivers still going on loud and clear say
    No More 🇪🇷❤️🇪🇹❤️🇸🇴💯

  12. That would be cool if Africa left the U.N. I want the U.N. out of the US. Maybe Africa could be a shining example and lead the way for the US if it left the UN.

  13. Our UNITY will cause the NATIONS to tremble! They need AFRICA more than Africa needs them. We must UNITE globally against these ARROGANT HATERS & OPPRESSORS.

  14. Last time I checked Africa was not a country (if you compare it to the others with permanent seats)… I get it… you want to be heard and raise your voice (like China asks not to interfere in internal affairs). Small difference… China waited for 40 years, and has now become the richest country in the world, not just in terms of purchasing power parity. Suggestion: how about getting your shit together first, and then ask for it… as opposed to claiming it… there's nothing to claim, do some research on the origins of the UN. Or continue to do what you do best: shouting and complaining. Except for natural resources, what has "Africa" to show for? Yup, the rest of the world is aware about it. Example? China has built ALL critical infrastructure in Africa. Kick out the rest of the world and see what will happen. My prognose? E.g. Nigeria will be begging for help in 1 or 2 decades and the same organisations you blame now, will be there to rescue you… again

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