September 21, 2021

36 thoughts on “Africa to Manufacture Own COVID-19 Vaccine, Ethiopia Disses EU Observers as Tourists, New Zulu King

  1. We must never let any opportunity pass by that is geared towards bringing about unity and peace among African people and Countries. As small as it might seem. So I thank the President and all others involved in trying to bring about peace in South Sudan. Keep on trying until we get it right. " How good and thus pleasant it would be, before God and Man, to see the unification of all Africans".

  2. I don't Agree,the men can just agree to letting the women feel free and ok to stay at home and get paid accordingly without any problems,if not eye red and envious behavior of some men,why do our women even suffer to work so hard🤦🏿‍♂️

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  4. Great news channel👌🏿🎉
    If I may,
    I will like to request an update on President Gbagbo’s where abouts, why his arrival in Ivory Coast hasn’t taken place yet?
    He was innocent of all charges and acquitted. The same for the minister of youth, Minister Charles B. Goudé. I red he had gotten his passport after long negotiations with the Ivorian authorities… Where are they now about these gentlemen’s return to the Ivory Coast?
    Thank you in advance🙏🏿
    I am always tuned on this great channel about Mama Africa 👍🏿

  5. Africa is watching indeed. America, you need to update transpancy re human,s right violation. Thank God for President's Biden winning this election and for the next 16 years of Democracy rule.hip hip huraaaa. God is king of all the earth.

  6. Doing wonderful work giving us news from African perspective, keep it up 2nacheki. Can you also help to expose african union leadership especially african union commission for not serving african people's interests, but serving as agents of foreign interests. This is not taking us anywhere, and its high time we start serious dicussions on change of leadership and the whole election system. Please engage necessary people and start discussing these issues. Thank you.

  7. We Ethiopians have started resisting westerners one side biased pressure long ago! who cares their trash of celebs, our concern is making election fair! Africans should reconsider their relations with European and USA again and again rather than dictated by them…lets collaborate to resist europe and USA sanctions and indirect pressures arising in different ways… Africa Unite! @Rastafari..peace

  8. The White Supremacists are secretly at war with Ethiopia because it is the most economically successful African countries and they don't like economic success in Africa. They will start lying about "war crimes" and "stolen elections" so they can impose sanctions. Remember when Trump said that Egypt should bomb that new huge dam Ethiopia is building? They are doing the same with China, lying about "rape camps" in Xinjiang as if they even care

  9. stop the World Order
    Corona is used by the government to complete the total enslavement of every single person
    Not allow the new reset
    Live: Texas stops all corona restrictions lockdows
    Perspectives on the Pandemic | "Blood Clots and Beyond" | Episode 15
    You Think Your Phone It's Off, But It's Not!" | Edward Snowden Part 1/2

    some of what he's talking about may be true.
    but what is being said about Corona here on this page to spread fear
    is absolutely wrong and now I would like it to be over
    Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (virologist) read there is no deadly corona virus epidemic.
    Corona is no worse than normal flu.
    anyone who spreads it no matter in which way is not worth living
    you have to expose these people immediately and teach them better.
    The future only belongs to those who are ready to face injustice at any time in everyday life.
    long live the courageous person and the consistent,
    who is always ready to intervene for his fellow human beings in order to maintain decent quality.
    Let the weak perish and be helped.
    stop the World Order

    The citizen must now get up and take the right one if he waits until 2022 it will be too late.
    the citizen now has to fight for his rights
    everything else that you produce in the media is just delaying tactics we notice.
    and if they are wise then they no longer elect a politician – the people can decide for
    themselves – we don't need politicians.say no to the G5 and to digital currency everything with China.
    And Please do not give companies that support Facebook,Twitter,Google ,YouTube, Instagram, Whatsaapp a chance to survive.
    severe punishment when I hear that my toenails pucker, that's a matter of opinion, the best punishment is to block everything and delete it.

  10. Eat healthy, take hydrocloroqine if you get covid19, which is the Sars2 virus! You do NOT need to manufacture a vaccine that harms your own people! Yah requires US to respect our bodies and not take a drug that causes blood clots, and sterilization.

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