March 30, 2023
Africa Tours & Investments - Why Ghana and Why Repatriation

11 thoughts on “Africa Tours & Investments – Why Ghana and Why Repatriation

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  2. Sir all your videos is about Ghana yet you talk about Africa for the Africans what other African countries have you ever promoted that you keep misleading with a broad topic such as Africa for the Africans? We understand Ghana is preferred compared due to language but please your sort of pan Africanism is does not promote a United Africa but a promotion of one African country. Please give all those who want to return and invest in Africa other options as far as African countries are concerned regardless of language issues and let them make their own choices. Ghana alone can’t provide enough space if millions of diasporans decide to return. As a west African citizen who also studies pan Africanism this is my small advice to our beloved diaspora Africans… peace

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