September 26, 2022

26 thoughts on “Africa True Story :China's Racism in Kenya

  1. The debate over abuse, discrimination racism , non payment of salary. Should include Kenya's biggest employer in the private sector which are Indians, they have a horrible truck record when it comes to abuse. They have been on the continent longer especially in Kenya. Please do a video about it thanks.

  2. Please Africa take control of what's yours. Pay your taxes to non corrupt Governments so that they can use that money to contract Africans to build and develop Infrastructure.

  3. When it's about killing our African brothers from other tribes, we have a lot of energy. But when it's time to face others, we are suddenly really docile 🤔

  4. Africans, these Chinese are something else, not only are they more hard working and disciplined than you, they are also responsible for nearly ALL the breakthroughs in the past forty years.

  5. Kenya , Soon the Chinese will take over your country and take your childrens , You must take your country back , Save your childrens and your family and your country from China rulers .

  6. Africans see time difenrently, can be seen as lazy by chinese who are fast workers, no wpnder USA went to china for fast hand work and not africa, africans don't want to work in general, the standard of igiene is also lower … building a separate toilet is recomanded. Chinese didnt came to africa to fall sick but to make money.

  7. But Kenya still need China's investments lol to build highways 😆 this is not new just stupidity why source funds in China? There's no better options. Greedy drunken politicians make stupid decisions only a drunken man would agree to China's terms only to be subjected to harsh work treatment.

    Tbh you can't feel sorry if the president makes drunken decisions to subject the citizens to this type of behaviour. The leader all they see is the all mighty Dollar.

    Drunkenness will lead u straight in a ditch

    Be of sober mind when negotiating contract agreements for investments make sure you get the right deal that would benefit the country first and foremost.

  8. Why did you allow them in your country in the first place. Self hate in Africa has to cease before we can move on. Africa didn't learn very much from European colonialism obviously.

  9. This will continue.until you kenyan.put your foot down.and don't stand for there racism b.s. otherwise it will continue and get worse.this is your country.and you won't stand for there racist b.s.

    1. Because they invade, invest and despise the people who let them take advantage of their country.

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