July 6, 2022

19 thoughts on “African American family of 9 moving to Africa. Ribbon in the sky #repatriation #togo #ghana

  1. New subscriber here. I will be following your journey. May God bless you to prosper on the continent. My family and I are planning to visit Rwanda next year, God willing.

  2. I just came across your channel as a new subscriber. You all grabbed me with "whoop there it is" lol I knew what it was about even before I started looking at your video. My husband and I are going to The Smiling Coast (The Gambia)!

  3. Awesome content. Thank you for sharing with us your journey. How do the children adapt?
    Do you have an email address to share and your contacts? My husband and I have few questions, and would want to discuss with you , if possible. Thanks

  4. May I ask how you picked Togo? I am an African studies major and have always been intrigued beyond with Africa!! Togo is beautiful by the way! Very cool how you relocated such a big family! Very inspirational! May you have the blessed life you deserve in Mother Africa!!

  5. From Chicago… I'm from Chicago's Westside, my wife is from Lome, Togo… We are about to start building our home in the town just to the East of Lome, just past the Port of Lome, near the Marseilles hotel and resort… Please start making more videos… I will love to share them in a few of my Facebook groups… Togo is a beautiful place… It's very cold here in Chicago right now… Thanks for taking the time and reading this comment…

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