May 27, 2022

26 thoughts on “African American Rapper Ludacris is Officially African Gets Gabon Citizenship

  1. Has he been tested? I understand his wife is Gabonese but is his paternal or maternal ancestry actually from Gabon too? Or did he do this to suit his wife? We want to know.

  2. Do not let US officials test you for covid 19. or any other vaccination for that matter.They are trying to collect your DNA and store it in a data and use it in the future to kill us.

  3. This is great news that the brothers are returning home, Africa is a difficult place to live after you spent most of your life in America, the transition is not going to be easy and that is a fact. Only time will tell. Another point I would like to make is that, while Africa is progressing economically, we are not ready to accommodate so many foreiigners at this point. We have mass unemployment, poverty and illiteracy, we the Africans need to slow down and focus our attention on our problems and citizenry first before we start creating a new set of problems. for ourselves. "Don't never ever be complacent and never ever despair" Julius Meyers.

  4. Congratulations, welcome good sir, if you contribute to your. Community you’ll soon be a Cheif. Now get out there and learn 1. The local language 2. English in their dialect (not your pretend zamunda/wak-ander fake one) then 3. Most important learn Pigin English (Broken English) peace ✌🏼

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