September 22, 2021


  1. Thank you for the inspiration- I say to everyone, write down your budget, your desire lifestyle, type of climate and environment for your new home and start your research with that. It’s time to come home.

  2. Hello Synolve, GlobalGreenBook and family! Took a long weekend off and went to the beach with the family. I got up early every morning and walked along the beach to reconnect with nature and visualize myself doing the same thing everyday when I get to the Motherland 🌍

  3. I am going to visit in Dec. 2021 then I will relocate in June 2021. When I settle into my space I will welcome conscious folks with open arms. Long as you not U.S. crazy and selfish we cool.

  4. I was so happy to finally hear Global Green Book speak. Good job on keeping the show informative and lively while waiting for your guest. You made me laugh with the Jamaican Brotha and his written patois. 😂 Mutabaruka is a Jamaican Poet/Artist/Activist.

  5. Family let’s make it a priority to support those who are making it a mission to stop the propaganda and distribute our truth, like what our sister Synolve is doing. If you want to go home, don’t let fear get in the way. Follow our journey and get inspiration from our stories.

    Thank you Synolve for the opportunity to share my story on your channel. It’s time to create many bridges between the diaspora and continent. Let’s Repat #BlackToAfrika and bring our economic wealth back home.

  6. Just an FYI, they have great schools in West Africa. Usually, the better schools are private schools, which cost money in form of tuition fees. I'm assuming the same is true for other parts of Africa as well. The Educational system is much better there than the United States, but college education might be a different story in some African countries though, due to lack of government funding, unpaid educator wages, student riots, etc . Blessings

  7. Recommendations: Sell crafts or things your not using at flea markets; yardsales and on IG; Poshmark; Mercari; Ebay; Facebook go in your closet; drawers; car; garage, etc. I sell on line. Check out my store on Poshmark Poshambassador Andreamartin for ideas. You can also try Amazon and Sankofa Repat. You have money at your fingertips.

  8. Hey Now Hey Synolve it's Mai you know I am part of the replay crew. I am a self care Queen, I love the info you share and your special guest. Reading and manifesting are part of my self care routine.

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