August 14, 2022

34 thoughts on “African American Women BOAST About Getting Pregnant From Men In Ghana….UH OH

  1. those AA Black men that go to Colombia or Brazil are looking for something the AA Black women do not offer.
    Same for the AA Black Women who, tired of waiting, go find their groove in Africa. In the end, we should all celebrate it. We don't have 200 years to live here on earth. Search for whatever is the solution for you, without worrying about what others are saying.
    Peace, Intimacy, Love and Lust !!!!!!! PILL.

  2. In most African countries men own the children and there is no child support

    They can seize their children at will and you lose all rights
    It's not uncommon for the man to kick the woman out and marry a new one to take care of them
    Unless the woman has a strong family or wealth…
    Worst case you will never see your kid again

    I wonder if they know

  3. Going to Africa to get PREGNANT, not married…going to another country just to be a baby mama there too smh….They just don’t get it, it’s marry before you carry…You can’t expect a man of any race or nationality that hasn’t committed to you that was simply digging you out to be there for you and your illegitimate child. I foresee them having the same problems with African men…Are the men there even bound by the same type of child support laws as here?


  5. WOW THEY ARE ON A LOW! lol I personally KNOW 4 ladies who are on that path specifically in Ghana as Ghana is promotes as a vacation spot to scope out that area. These men are not more masculine, they're subservient men who are forced to praise these women because these men are broke. If they had money, they'd get a local, because they'd have culture maintained, and power dynamic, a man's DREAM. It makes the point that these women only want weak men. Those men are cheating when those ladies go back to USA, like all 4 of my lady friends doing this crap. Dudes not going to Brasil or Colombia trying to go raw with locals. LOOOOL THESE BROADS ARE NASTY!

  6. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse… Black Women find new ways to take their va jay jays to New Lows… WELFARE FRAUD!
    … getting pregnant by a man you know can't provide for your child and dumping him and the baby on the tax payer.
    As if there's not enough Bums here in the USA that we the Tax Payers take care of…

    Men pay child support. Men pay alimony. Men lose half in a divorce. Men pay the tax payers back for the benefits a child and a woman receive.
    Its time Women Paid Their Fair Share and started paying back the Tax Payers for their Bad Choices in men.

  7. Black American females are travelling to Ghana to find love also their option wide open lol they love Ghana because millions of Ghanaian men approached them each day.

  8. I'm still going saving every penny n ima tell my sistas✊🏿 these men some come from the mudd and land filled with xenophobia and white settlers yet still even when they get here they pull themselves up by their boot straps work hard n succeed most I see. American blk men most not all are still blaming WM while sleeping with their women n praising WM handy work! YALL kill me just like most WM you don't like really like us but don't want us to stop fucking with u🤔 it's wack!! foh!! so I'm suppose sit let u demean me and anything that looks like me pick white women over me brag n be lonely foh NOOOOOO!!! LOL NOT I ATLEAST💁🏿 N I DONT TAKE SHIT I SAID BACK! I SAID WHAT I SAID

  9. SMDH you know what, for this news all I can say is… I’m just glad they weren’t boasting about getting pregnant by a white man. So this ain’t really making me mad lol.

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with a black man or woman dating in other countries to find love. I would prefer they get married before having a baby and investing in the community.

  11. I've lived in both Ghana and America for long and I think I know the reason. It's simple. Ghanaian men are tired of being solely responsible for taking care of the family and the same goes for African American women. So when these 2 meet, they're both satisfied sharing responsibilities and keeping their personal accounts separately. In Ghana, and in most parts of Africa, it's deemed as being shameful when a woman is taking care of a family that includes a man. Although it does happen sometimes, it's very rare.

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