September 22, 2023
African Americans Are OFFICIALLY The White People of GHANA| Ep. 68

Welcome to the REPAT podcast where we explore the impact of Americans moving to Africa. In this episode, we examine the idea that this migration may be causing a separation from culture. Our guests bring unique perspectives to the conversation, and we’ll unpack the complexities of this issue. Join us to learn more about this global phenomenon.



44 thoughts on “African Americans Are OFFICIALLY The White People of GHANA| Ep. 68

  1. It's like white south Africans who go to European countries and all of a sudden they feel invisible coz no one cares but as where they are in South africa they feel visible.

  2. If it's like that in Africa…I may as well stay here in America and continue the fight for what my ancestors deserve…. I'm not going from 1 dysfunctional family to another 1

  3. IMO, most of the people who emigrate to Africa from the US are the college educated Black Americans. Before anyone comes for me, I mean no harm. The truth is they usually segregate themselves from black legal immigrants/naturalized American citizens here in the US. It seems to me Black Americans don’t necessarily like Caribbean Americans or African Americans from Africa here in the US. Even if they were born in America. It seems then it could be that most people stick with their own people socially. 

    The other problem is that many blacks in Africa usually look down on black people from the Caribbean and the US and referred to us as children of slaves. On the other hand, the average Black American will quicker help immigrants from other countries than blacks from the Caribbean. They will quicker put up a wall as a blockade against blacks from the Caribbean. They probably don’t want to hear this, but it’s true. None of us are perfect. It’s a bit complicated because life can be complicated.  

    Really at the end of the day man to man is so unjust. I am hoping that things will get better between blacks. It’s an age old problem with blacks who think they are better than other blacks.

  4. It is pure bullshit to falsely state that Black Americans in African countries believe, feel, or act superior to the indigenous people in African countries. That's a damn lie stated by both the two male hosts on this channel and by the Black American sister "Africa Superstar". Wtf would any Black American think or believe any such. It's not expected that Africans within their countries speak the freaking stinking European English Language unless the country was or remains under the colonial systemic thumb of the freaking British. More sufficiently educated and intelligent Black Americans visiting African countries know they are foreign and learn in advance of visiting whether the people of an African country or in countries they plan trips to visit and later decide to move to live in speak English or not and also learn in advance what the countries' peoples' spoken African tribal languages are! Stop stating such Black American/African freaking ignorant and divisive rubbish about Black Anericans huge numbers of who have long been and remain interested, thirsty, and happy to learn about African countries, their people, culture, history, struggles, European colonization, centuries of rich resources and people thefts, exploitation, oppression, related murders, attempted genocide, and to also gain or have opportunities to visit Motherland African continent countries. The most glaring critical problem causing most if not all of the mind division and disunity between involuntary West African Negro Americans, immigrant Caribbean Americans, immigrant actual African-Americans, immigrant Black Caribbean British, all other members of the African Diaspora, and the Continental Africans is vast mutual ignorance of the tremendous impact of each other's centuries and horrible impact still occurring today of quite racist, deliberately imposed devastating and destructive history of megaton-huge, evil, diabolical, and long often deadly multi-faceted lies, cover-ups, official/formal miseducation, systemic institutional, social, political, financial, economic, environmental, health and safety, psychological/physical warfare, black race prosperous civilization, character, culture, ancient to present true overall history, many attempted self-empowerment assassinations by evil oppressive Europeans! Our children in Africa's, America's, Caribbean's, UK's, and in other European-controlled schools are not taught the truth about the tremendous negative and deadly impact of European oppression against their countries land, people, fully truthful education, medical health/safety, overall insufficient development and economies to support all such including far higher/escalating volumes of employment, transportation, affordable lending/loans for decent housing and all other viable forms of community, business, and economic development. Untold numbers of African countries' school / judicial systems continue operating under either the colonist European British, French, Dutch, Euro-American education system curriculums and lying pagan Greco-Roman political "religious" denominations , which do not thoroughly or sufficiently teach African children the truth about European past and continuing present oppression of their countries/people just like Negro Americans, Afro-Caribbean Islanders/ Afro-Caribbean British, and descendant African Diasporas' globally aren't taught such either by our same mutual enemies the desperate, parasitic, and doomed Europeans. The key thing is all of us brother and sister children/descendants of Africa must fast non-stop 24/7 escalate / expedite widespread teaching, sharing, and spreading our mutually highly important and urgent history truth and knowledge with each other to achieve far better/solid understanding/to fast unite in protecting, building, and prospering "One Africa". We must together consistently thwart / not allow our mutual enemies to continue their 24/7 devilish tactics to divide, dilute, conquer,/destroy us. And, we must all work to prevent ourselves / our enemies from doing so! Uhuru One United Africa for all Africans/all her African descendant Diaspora melinated children.

  5. Why are people still using the same misnomer "African American"? Who names a group after two continents. It's always foreigners thinking they know more about so called blacks in America than we do about our own selves, history and stolen culture. Why do "Africans" act superior to so called "black" Americans when they come to our country? Maybe both sides, like all sides have their own extreme biases. It isn't a one sided issue like this conversation is being presented.

  6. Africans are not that pressed by " black " America in America. They stay on their own or with other race of people.
    You cannot tell me its not true, while They like the "whites" in Africa that much.

  7. I dont know why you all near each other or group together , you always chat shit.

    Tired of how unintelligent these people are.

    We can see one of them being resistant and using intimidating tactic to say , AA comes here and think they superior.

    How can you go in someone head and think for them.

    👎👎Insecurities alert .meeh👎🔊

  8. After listening to this, I'm keeping my African American ass right here in America.

    No. We don't have to check in in Los Angeles. We are not rappers.

    And Africans & Caribbeans come to America and stay to their own too. Every immigrant groups comes to America and create their own immigrant community.

  9. We're all experiencing the results of
    stereotypes and decades of social engineering. Division has caused every race to feel superior the the next .. That is why the bible says love thy neighbor as thyself

  10. Africans are arrogant af. They also view FBAs as Lesser Africans. When FBAs integrate into their cultures and do well the natives get envious. They truly don't want FBAs there.

  11. MOST OF US ARE NOT AFRICAN!!! Y’all don’t relate to us and we don’t relate to y’all!! Our struggles are vastly different, despite what the media is saying!!

  12. We as black Americans have been taught and brainwashed by American education,so all we have seen is poverty and decease s and war,there was no internet to teach us about Africa,I mean they have taught blacks to hate themselves as well as other blacks we apologize but this is how we have been taught! Also checking in is some gang bs that does not apply to regular citizens that wouldn't even want to visit a gang territory! I feel we are just learning about our heritage and culture and who we are

  13. That's nonsense, absolute nonsense . You think you know why Africa runs becouse you been here what a year or a four?
    Africans don't need savours we are our own savours.

  14. That's nonsense, absolute nonsense . You think you know why Africa runs becouse you been here what a year or a four?
    Africans don't need savours we are our own savours.

  15. I can see this happening because some treat Africans horribly here in the states. We have a huge west and eat African community where I live. I'm more connected to them than I am my own people. I believe it has a lot to do with past trauma and not healing. My best friend is from Ghana I'm visiting with her in May. I absolutely love Ghanaian culture food; music and the dresses are by far the best. the kindest people I know. When I get there the first thing I'm going to do to go to local shop. I'm determined to meet a new friend! I'm half white dad's side came from Ghana through slavery. They were able to trace roots. I am completing my grandfather's mission Loved this conversation.

  16. Oshay you getting younger than when you was in Poland. Damn dogg, I need to come hang with you. Now, can we stop this "white man of the black community" talk. What you are seeing is the same hierarchy on a global scale. It's all about proximity and distance from whiteness. Nothing to do with black people. It's the same in LA. Hood dude versus Hood rats, dudes that live in white neighborhoods and those that don't. African Americans with three names and lil Jon Jon. All y'all in LA and your country cousins. P Diddy and Bootsie. Most coastal African Americans feel the same towards their country cousins. The problem is the colonial hierarchy of the expatriate bubble. But it's the same game bro.

  17. I'm not coming to Africa to be superior over ANYBODY, How can anyone feel superior in a foreign land? We're not white. I'm coming to connect with my people and get AWAY from this satanic culture and Out of the land of my captivity. This is sad that africans feel this way about their own doings. That's messed up. I guess we have KNOWEHERE to go to not be discriminated against. just makes Africans look more RACIST than white people.

  18. To see African-Americans all the white people moving to Ghana I think that’s disrespectful. But for some reason another black guy think it makes for great content on a thumbnail. Like everybody have said, they do it to themselves. Damn shame

  19. I think that was disrespectful about African-Americans. The white people move into Ghana. This is why I say YouTube need to stop paying people.

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