June 6, 2023
African Americans Eat Kenyan Food for the First Time | Mama Oliech Restaurant

Shalom Family, Welcome back. As you guys know, in our last video we asked for our Kenyan subscribers in the Nairobi area to recommend some places for us to try some local Kenyan food. We got so so many recommendations but one of them kept coming up so we decided to try it. So today, we are trying Mama Oliech Restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya and letting you guys know what we think. Thank you so much to those of you who gave us recommendations, we really appreciate it. We hope you enjoy and as always don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL!!!!

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29 thoughts on “African Americans Eat Kenyan Food for the First Time | Mama Oliech Restaurant

  1. Nice,
    But try a one on one dialogue with locals. For example the attendants, etc. It will bring life to your channel. Long live brother. Don't forget pliz.

  2. Welcome to Nairobi! I'm very happy to see AAs coming to the motherland. You didn't say where in Nairobi you're staying but I gathered from your descriptions in two of your videos that it's one of the nicer/more affluent areas. Your comment about not having come across dirt roads was especially telling 😅 Trust me, there's plenty! But not in the areas you're staying @.

    You can experience all you need without visiting the poorer parts of Nairobi but they exist. Very poor, a little less poor, ok, and "basically like the West." All are here. Those convenient stalls you find along the roads everywhere are in the middle to poorer areas. The affluent places don't have them, you have to go to dedicated shopping centers or the city.

    Also, the local food 😅 I'm glad you liked it. Almost everyone outside Kenya seems to be very disappointed in our food. Common descriptions are: Bland, tasteless, spiceless. If you get tired of it, I think you can get by with the Indian, Swahili, Somali, Ethiopian foods. Most people from outside tend to appreciate them better.

    Also, please don't mind the back and forth and even a little cringe boasting by some, lol. We are a little bit like sports fans in that sense, rooting for the home team which is of course "the best in the world." 😅 In person, most people will be very nice to you, especially being foreigners with an obvious American accent! Also, Africans in general can be a little more blunt in some ways, without intending to be rude, but you probably have picked up on it since you seem to have travelled around. Hope you enjoy your stay!!!!!!

  3. Please try local foods ..in local style …but I understand the challenges with the baby 🙏
    Stuff like mūtura…mayai pasua …smocha(smokey+chapati with etc) …Rolex etc

  4. I love the fact that your videos are normally not too long so i end up watching the whole content. And i love the fact that y'all are enjoying staying in Nairobi. Karibu Kenya.

  5. You should all try fresh passion juice at Carefour supermarket at Sarit centre-ask for fresh squeezed passion juice, it's in like half liter or slightly smaller bottle, it's made fresh everyday.

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