March 29, 2023
African Americans Return to Mother Africa| Repatriation or Not?

27 thoughts on “African Americans Return to Mother Africa| Repatriation or Not?

  1. Guys do not take offence, what you will learn is that we are far from being united as a continent. A lot of countries have a problem with South Africa and we have learned to accept is as South Africans. So now you need to have the resilience South Africans have of VOETSEK and move on.

    Now you are learning what South Africans go through on a regular basis on social media.

    When we argue back the way you are doing now we are called Xenophobic.

    Welcome to Africa where West Africa is in Competition with Southern Africa. But South Africa has no interest in joining it.

  2. I really appreciate that you guys were thinking of bringing jobs to SA, instead of just taking out of SA, you guys were contributing as well, THANK YOUโค we need more immigrants like you

  3. Gary Family, I am proud of you guys. I truly believe that coming to South Africa is Godโ€™s divine will for you guys. Continue to be purposeful and persistent. Stay blessed at all times.

  4. I posted something on "The Real South Africa" channel's latest video about you guys being an African American couple that just moved to Joburg, I'm really hoping to see a collaboration between your two channels. Please don't be discouraged, we love having you here!

  5. The other reason stores close early is because most of their staff members live far from their workplaces( apartheid legacy) and use taxis mostly which stop operating around 8pm or so. If any store operates late hours they have to provide transport for their employees which some are not really keen on doing

  6. Hello guys, thank you for sharing as always and appreciate you guys video. I'm 39 years old, I'm black American, and I'm from Miami, Florida. I believe that every American should know there history because we are a melting pot country. Keep in mind that blacks in American are not just African, most of us are mixed with other race. Even in Africa, blacks are mixed with other tribe. So to assume that all black Americans roots are African is wrong. I've visited South Africa several times and certainly love the country. It is beautiful. I do believe that black Americans should travel more to Africa, however most black Americans may not agree. I have heard from other blacks in the USA that Africa is not in their mind. Some blacks in the USA feels that they are not connect to Africa or they weren't born there so there's no need to travel there. I'm black, but I have Native Indian in my blood line as well. So it's important that I know that part of history as well. Slaves were brought from all parts of Africa, so tracing our history to a certain part of Africa will be extremely hard.

  7. Racism in the USA is a new form. Back in the day it was more obviously and accepted. Now racism is behind the doors and built into our system such as the criminal justice system. The USA have the highest incarceration rate in the world with 2 million incarcerated, blacks making up 60 % percent of those numbers and we are the minority race in the USA. There are people in prison on 20, 30 years even life for drug related charges. As you know we have problems with some law enforcement officers. I support our police, however there are cops who shouldn't be cops and they are only employed because of who they know. Some of the cops use their authority the wrong way especially against people of color. Every country have its problem, even in South Africa. It's important that we continue to fight these problems, we are Americans and it's in our blood to fight against all injustice. Moving to another country will not necessary solve your problems. I love Africa, and like I said several times, I have visited South Africa several times, and learned a lot being there. I believe that Americans should travel the world more often especially black Americans. As I mentioned before, Americans are a melting pot culture, we are mixed with other race, most of us including blacks. Not all blacks in America may not be so quick on "returning to Africa". I have heard before from other blacks here in the USA that they feel they are not connected to Africa because they were born here, or they are not 100% percent African, or they cannot traced their history to a certain part of the continent. Not all blacks in South Africa are connected to South Africa, so the person who made that ridiculous comment about black Americans not being from South Africa, that person is obviously clueless LOL. Congrats on your studies accomplishments and keep pursing. I'm working on my Masters now, but I don't think I will pursue a doctorate's degree. Tell Mr. Gary congrats on his achievements to opening up his business. I wish you guys the best as you look towards investing in your new home.

  8. * I'm super glad the production company is about to hit.
    * The stores closing early it's because retailers don't have daily shifts workers and the labour law hours is 8 hours a day max 10 for retailers.
    * I like the respect you have for the Blantons and how you are careful of your words because some people are good at twisting everything one say.
    * I admire your authenticity and how you don't easily gravitate it's a sign that you really know yourself and the vision is clear, big up.
    *Most of us never been to USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ so I'd to advice you look at such loopholes and take advantage of the market because we love new real things.

    It will always be the year of return until the last african come home from america. People need to understand that this movement will continue until rapture so we have to constantly call people home.

  9. The click bait and "these people" comments were very offensive to me too and as a South African I felt like we are better than this. The whole comment literally threw me off.

  10. It doesn't matter…that ancestory test might be inaccurate. Our spiritual fact is, if you are AA, chances are you ancestor' souls still in the US.

    They will rely on you or your relatives to bring them back by touching the African ground, north or south.

    So it's time we park this west vs south and call out those who soils the diaspora with stupidity.

  11. Im headed to West Africa next year. My first 5 trips to Africa were to South Africa and Mozambique. I never felt so free and accepted in my life. To my surprise when West Africans asked me if Ive been to the Motherland I told them "Yes! ZA!" I was met with digust. " You haven't been to Africa until you've been to anywhere else here except ZA." They were harsh and serious! LMBOO I had to research this beef. I found out that ZA is the America of Africa and they get treated very similar to how Black Americans get treated by Continental Africans here in the States. It was very interesting to see! You got to visit, visit, visit. Then pray and go where you are led. I feel connected to ZA and God has given me an extended family there. I also feel drawn to the West so I will visit there and see exactly where to land.

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