December 5, 2021

24 thoughts on “African Americans tell their truth about Ghana, Africa. Travelers be aware?

  1. I will stop watching your channel if this are the people you are going to put on your channel,she has no respect to herself.Ghana is not Africa and we don’t want this types of black people in Ghana her experience is because of her attitude

  2. I might be mistaken, but she has a strong resemblance to that gal that went around with Sarah Palin and the gop to the white house protesting president Obama's health care tagging along with her young baby there.

  3. You hear all the time that the income for all Africans are round $600,– but when they see us diasporans they charge us those ridiculous rent etcetera. But the AA are also accountable for saying everything is cheap and do I still have to think that the Africans do love us??? I don't think so listening to this story, the like the $ and the € and the Β£!

  4. Why airbnb…you couldnt find a place to rent for monthly til you find a place. $100 a night ??? hmmm. anyway…i am very apologetic for you to have such a bad experience…thanks for sharing…

  5. People don't like to bring up the Detroit Ex-Pat Jeannette Salters (Mamelena Diop) and her sister who was killed over land she acquired legally in Ghana. It's a beautiful country, but you will face some challenges

  6. Anytime you go to a "3rd world country" you will get HUSTLED! I have never wanted to go to Ghana will try a smaller county instead. My ex husband is Ghanian..she ain't lying πŸ˜‚

  7. No snacks? With your big self? You should be snacking on mangoes, papaya, guava and pineapples, love. Plan before you relocate, love. Visit and revisit your relocation destination. Don't just up and leave blindly!!!

  8. Why don't the government institutions have literature with prices for things in print, so that you don't have to ask or depend on people to be truthful to you ???

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