September 22, 2023
African Freedom Hero Bantu Steve Biko Speaks on The Black Consciousness Movement

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26 thoughts on “African Freedom Hero Bantu Steve Biko Speaks on The Black Consciousness Movement

  1. The EUROPEANS don't want us uniting with Africa/ Alkubalan because we know things and they do when we had a worldwide civilization and that's the key to us going back to first again. So called blacks were on Australia, Hawaii, Canada, north south and central America's, Alaska, leMUria before it sunk, Atlantis before it sunk. They don't want us telling each other the truth.
    The real Indians are the black people of America and no one else was a secret for a long time and same African descent see mansa musa, Olmec/xi. They hide the black Chinese who created the Chinese
    Our people. And no one else

  2. Ancestors said everything that could possibly be said. At this point we're just repeating everything that was already said when we talked therefore, as Willie D says no more talk. Time for Action!

  3. Happy Wednesday Family! I live in California near Los Angeles USA. I will be moving to The Gambia next month and Shipping a 20' or 40' Container quarterly to The Gambia 🇬🇲. If you would like to coordinate with me for your supporters to donate, and ship to you; please contact me. 602-554-2310 call or text. My 1st Container is going out in December 2020.

  4. We must unite as a people. Black people from All around the world must unite. Find a common thread (The Oppressor better known as The White man ) we must stop 🛑 the white man. No longer should we make the Excuse that we as Black people can’t unite and get along. Let us unite as One and take back our True Freedom and Riches.
    We must punish the sinner………..

  5. Its really a shame how little is known of my tribe even the Black Panther movie just gave you a glimpse ….. But let me say this in South Africa there is a tribe of people called Ama Xhosa their story is soo profound and prophetic one would swear that God is working through them…. Even if there only one of us left we will never accept the status quo we will always challenge it….. Up in the African mountain that is where real men are made… Steve Biko Chris Hani Nelson Mandela Robert Sobukwe Walter Sisulu …all these men conquered the mountain…. More are on the way

  6. South Africa's most under rated freedom fighter almost forgotten by many it seem so being aware of SA freedom fighters whatever little I do know Steve Biko played major role as REAL FIGHTER SACRIFICED LIFE🙏🙏🙏

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