August 12, 2022

34 thoughts on “African Land Full of Women Where Men are Permanently Banished from the Community

  1. Love the update! The older men were soooo salty… they're in danger without us, they won't do well, they can't take care of themselves – look at them now! Yah bless! I hope the younger men are taking notes.

  2. I see your all-female village and I raise you the old hospital that used to be located in Savannah, Georgia. Only women were allowed to work there or be patients there. If a pregnant woman was admitted to the hospital and she gave birth to a baby boy, the boy was allowed to stay for a maximum of three days!

  3. Is this idea NEW or has this CONCEPT been supported by science? I've learned that the absence of both parents usually affects children, maybe the science has changed since then anyways as most things are today.

    Are there evidence women,just as men are capable of harming children physically(trying to be a vague about that topic as this platform will allow)? So, are we to start making the continent into a watered down version of convents and seminaries?

    I'm not saying what Africans CREATED and PRACTICED for 1000s of years was airtight, though there are no records nor words in the languages for a lot of the practices and ills we are NOW aware of and widely exposed to ESPECIALLY after the meeting of the African cultures with foreign practices and norms.

    The point is, I'm wondering why reinvent the wheel culturally Africa, if there are new challenges in the culture, why not Address them instead of throwing out the baby with the bath water and just spit on all that the ancestors spent generations forming to keep the family/society safe and intact for times just as these?

  4. At the end of the day, their security is still guaranteed by a group of men that protects them from these rogue elements. Ladies, there’s a reason why no Matriarch has successfully stood the test of time. Amongst animals in the wild, only the hyena practices Matriarchy, and we can all admit that no group wants to be referenced to a hyena.Research has also shown that kids from families with both parents typically perform better in society for the most part. The presence of the father (both parents)is imperative. Please don’t encourage these ideas in the motherland, we are not perfect, but we have at least been able to keep the family structure and hierarchy intact. And, yes; 98% of the continent practices patriarchy.

  5. Live and let live. Great example of how humans can all get along by mutual respecting of each other's rules. As American man, I wish we could do things in this spirit.

  6. I’ve heard of this village before and I would LOVE to visit them!!! THEY are an INSPIRATION to women around the world!! 💗 Women’s rights to choose if they want to marry or have a partner should be present worldwide, but unfortunately that’s not the case. I’m enjoying your vids, thank you for sharing this woman’s beautiful tribe. I’d love to see more on them. 🥰💗🦋

  7. False, western-influenced rubbish! I am a woman, btw. This is NOT progress AT ALL. Africa will not progress following western ideas of division between the sexes. Incidences of abuse and injustice are being dealt with by the authorities of African countries, not by groups of women creating male-free villages! I've never heard such rubbish in my life! And of course, the west is encouraging and applauding from the sidelines. Sick of it! 2nacheki, this is very disappointing! Do proper research! You should know better how the West operates. They push their 'progressive' initiatives through locals and then hide away in the background so people can assume it's a grassroots initiative. Please do not champion such rubbish. The west is already a hot mess. Africa does not need to follow!

  8. This is a puzzle/ strange to me and I live in the West, the video mentioned women were originally mistreated so now they only seem men for having children, I don't see the positive beyond the women being self sufficient. The culture different I respect , I wouldn't be able to live only among the women, there need to be balance among the gender and misbehaving men need help to change their ways, all men in that community should not be punish/ isolated from the women. This situation cannot be mentally healthy in the long term for the women or their children.

  9. You got my subscription, beautiful nd concise presentation. Nice to see the women doing well for themselves but isolation is not the way to go. If they can see the need for partnership and procreation with the men, then they can as well just learn to live with men as wives so they don't create a sanctuary for the deviant women in the society.

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