September 22, 2023

When ’s leaders are the main lens through which people from outside the continent view , they should take care to present themselves well. Moky Makura examines some cases of leaders ‘behaving badly’ and suggests some simple rules from school discipline that would help them clean up their acts.
At my son’s boarding school, the students wear their ‘Number 1’ uniform on two occasions – at special events and when they leave the school premises.  
‘Number 1’ consists of a blazer, smart trousers, a white shirt and tie. When the boys are dressed up, they hold themselves differently and seem to behave to a higher standard. It’s a clever move by the school and it works – each child remembers they are a visible ambassador for their institution, and they act accordingly. 
I think it’s a system that should be used on some of our leaders. Having a Number 1 uniform they can pull on as they represent their countries on public and global…

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