September 20, 2021

27 thoughts on “African reacts to Akon comments on Slavery, African Americans and Repatriation to Africa

  1. 1st. Of all , much respect to you Mo for speaking on this , we of the Diaspora need to wake up once and for all. Keep up the good work young man & God bless you & your family and followers. ! 1 World Africa now and forever ! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. Look my brother majority black Americans don't Africans in America but they want Africans in America to like them because the Africans in the Moda land don't know anything America so u the defred

  3. Heโ€™s not in the middle! He is not an American descendant of slavery. He is African!!!! He canโ€™t speak for our group just like we black Americans canโ€™t speak for his people! He is an immigrant. Black tells us how we look. It doesnโ€™t tell us who we are

  4. This is most sober thoughtful review of the AKON ISSUE I have seen. What alot of our brothers and sisters around the world must realize we as Africans in America have been in the belly of the BEAST for 500 years. And have been fighting for our mere existence. We all know that the supremacist have been working day and night to keep our Black Family divided. You my brother have made very valid points to break down the divide in our Black Family. Peace and Blessings

  5. Been to Africa but we are seen largely as walking wallets. Not all Africans think like that. We are not afraid of Africa and Pan Africanism was largely started in the Diaspora.

  6. Akon got rich off of Black American culture and then turned around and disrespected us. He did an interview in Africa talking some nonsense. He was born in America btw. There is no coalition between Africans and Black Americans in America. The Africans on the continent are honestly more welcoming than Africans in the Diaspora. Akon should shut his mouth when it comes to us. He also said that he had more in common with puerto ricans than black americans due to culture.

  7. It isn't the past for us. It's a new type of slavery here in US. Akon sees and has experienced the system himself. But he always had the option to go back home. He knew where his family lineage was , what his culture is, native tongue and was instilled with the pride of what it means to be African. We had none of those things, our story in America starts with slavery and nothing good about Africa. What we did see in the past, was the white media showing us pictures and videos of starving children in the villages with flies buzzing around their eyes, on heavy rotation. What we are shown now is Africans fleeing from Africa to get to the west. 1000 Africans left to drift in the ocean, Africans going to work in Arab countries and being enslaved is playing on repeat. We can question why do they keep going there, they definitely need to remember and no the history. So it goes both ways.
    He has no right to tell us how to feel. We fought so he would have the freedom to come to the USA and laugh it up with a white man. He thrived then was able to take it all back to Senegal like he should. He forgets the part where we have built Black American communities in the States, they were destroyed and many people lynched. That fear is instilled in our DNA. To be disconnected from the continent is not a great feeling. I went to Nigeria and cried I felt the loss and I know it is going to take a generation in order to heal the whole that is in the heart of my family. I've been to Ghana and Abidjan and I'm taking my time and choosing the right country for me. Those offering a easier path to citizenship through investment are very attractive. I don't want Africans judging us, or telling us how to feel, and we will do the same. Just be ready to welcome us back. Help us set up programs to help us repatriate . Work with us to create a more Pan African curriculum in schools so that Africans know what happened to their families in the USA. We need solutions instead of pointing the finger at each other.

  8. 13:30 The majority in Africa is black because it's the continent for Black people. The African diaspora need to view beyond the stereotypes you hear about Africa. If it's bad, why white people are all over Africa? Watch Wode Maya's videos, he does tours in Africa and see how it's developing. Also Akon himself is building an ultra modern city called Akon City in Senegal ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ณ worth 6 Billion Dollars.

  9. Africa is home no matter what! Fighting for equal rights in Amerikkka is a lost cause. It is time we start saving to go back in Africa with our own

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