July 2, 2022

14 thoughts on “African repatriation 2

  1. Thank you for your warm welcome. I'm a single mom and looking to relocate soon. My sons will be going off to college and I will be an empty nester. I work in social work but thinking of getting nursing. What types of jobs are available? I'm saving now. I plan to buy a home there. Can you give some input? My email is ndcruz73@gmail.com

  2. So awesome I can't wait to meet you. Once I'm done with school here we will come home. Africa is calling me when I go to bed at night. Even when I get up in the morning. She's always on my mind I can't wait to take my babies there to live. I know it's going to be an experience we won't forget. I was also thinking about the jobs there too or having an outsourced job.

  3. Sister, you've said it all!
    I can feel in you Mama Africa's Spirit…..Pride, Dignity, Honor …..The problem is that many of the Diaspora from America are fucked up in their way of thinking!
    They don't go by Spirit of Discernment and Critical Thinking…….
    I have been to my country Senegal with a couple of Student friends in the past and not long ago went for 8 weeks with a colleague of mine……That has completely changed their mind and even said that they are being covered with Dark clouds about Africa……I only smiled and tapped them on the back……..those in the streets are the jacked up ones with no knowledge..lol

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