September 18, 2023
African Repatriation & Business Proposition Made To Sa Ra | Speakers Corner Hyde Park

6th May 2018.

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40 thoughts on “African Repatriation & Business Proposition Made To Sa Ra | Speakers Corner Hyde Park

  1. Sa Ra doin Masta Tommy's work bruv, keep it up. Glad the Master took off the shackles for this type of work, traitor.

  2. Is their a racist agenda being pushed by the Sunni muslims? Why are black speakers and black groups in speakers corner constantly being harassed by SUNNI muslims. The following have either been threatened, harassed and racially abused by Sunni muslims in speakers corner; Big Bro, Sa Ra Garvey, Ty, Kalam, G-Circle

  3. This brother is saying has control over some gold production taken away from international companies????? NO WAY, this means he has taking it from big countries. Brother they would have you minced up and thrown to fish in the African rivers.

  4. "3:55 You are a talented man" Sa Ra"thank you" (blushing) "your job is a statesman in Africa do you understand" (Sa Ra flourished hihi)
    This man made me laugh with his one liners like he is hitting on a girl.

    I don't want to hate because if this is true it's a good thing but this made me laugh. What the hell is he talking about.
    Speak in a normal way and don't treat Sa Ra like a girl and busting his ego to sell.

  5. Black people doing some REAL betterment building and it gets sidetracked by more β€œpressing matters”…. a fight that never happened last year ??

  6. The guy sounds a bit arrogant when he says Africa has no leaders and that him and Sa Ra are natural leaders because of how they talk and their swag

  7. Funny how the camera gets turned off when that Muslim man comes up to Sa Ra at the end apologizing on behalf of individuals he has nothing to do with!

  8. From the days of Khemet our children purposely forgot our position in order to usurp us and truth be told, Egyptian and Sudanese Nubians are foreigners in their land, the Dark Berber tribes of Northern Africa are foreigners in their land, in some cases being murdered in genocide. We must return and build, then order our children to live right and stop killing one another.

  9. Sa Ra ✊ this experience u had is a testament to the positive Energy u put out into the world. I wish u all the best with this endeavour and I hope many more come ur way. Speak ur truth and disregard the Shaytaners, This video gave me goosebumps and Im not even African. Keep up the good work

  10. This guys is a total con !
    Why does he want β€œbrothers” from UK when there are millions of Africans unemployed and just waiting for employment opportunities.

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