March 25, 2023
African repatriation

16 thoughts on “African repatriation

  1. Hey sister, I'm also living in Atlanta with my eyes set on Ghana (I've visited back in 2011). Is there a way to contact you via email to ask you questions about your living experiences? Peace and love

  2. Watched part 2 ..I'm wondering how much would it take to move thought is to get a trade save money & move, hvac (due to the heat) seem like skill sets that are needed.what else would you suggest.

  3. The positive contents show on your face and in your smiles, eyes, facial expressions and words. It is so uplifting to see it all. God through Africa sustains the world with the resources it gives. Consider the humble chocolate, without cocoa how will the world have chocolate, cocoa butter for cosmetics and all the numerous derivatives. You are home and it is makes us happy to see your joy.

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