August 14, 2022

40 thoughts on “African Sacred Mask Sold, ECOWAS Maintains Sanctions, Nigeria, South Africa Strengthen Ties

  1. They hate the people but they ❤️ ❤️ their belongings. This is so sick it's another level of wickedness and shame. So unreal. Those people have to under that everything is energetic. Buying stolen items? Okay…

  2. “May Calamity Befall All those Responsible in the theft of our Ancient Instruments. You will have untold misfortune, and your karma will continue until you return our stolen items. Dear Ancestors strike at these thieves. Do not give them any piece. Ashe!!’

  3. This is pure racist ignoring another race while stolen artefacts are sold off anyway. Africa must unite to punish Europe for their crimes against US by severing all ties with them and stop them from getting their hands on any one of our raw materials or natural resources until all of our ancestral artefacts are returned. Economic sanctions is the way to get this items back because our race will never forget them or let them go. Our ancestors souls are tied to them and our descendants must get it all back even if it takes a thousand years. Europe must return them all. We are human beings too and deserve those back. A tiny fraction of the plunger against us. Those racist folks don’t care about the Africans because we are not united.

  4. These are better preserved in West than in other countries. They can be returned when these countries get their act together. First, these countries should reduce rampant corruption.

  5. Those precious artifacts belong to Africa the money that you get for them is not worth it there shouldn't be a soul in Africa that's poor and I pray one day Africa regains all that's old to them God bless much love 💜

  6. Dear thieves, you can sell our mask but you cannot take away its cultural roots. We know you need the money cause you are losing the battle. Your old game is uniting Africa as we speak. Demons try a new trick, oops forgot demons are not very smart.

  7. Ecowas is colonized worshiper slave trade descend ecowas is European Missionary to Africa they betrayals and criminal organization they sanctions is blessed to Malian people

  8. Please don't come for Nigeria's movie , music, art or drama, an original can never be the same with a shared photocopy , each country should discover their niche and develop it.

  9. The pandemic came and taught everyone the importance of having multiple stream of income, unfortunately having a nice paying job doesn't mean you are financial secured anymore. So we all need to put in an etra-income earning chance, like investment.

  10. African artifects need to be returned to Africa. The justification of selling, and storing them is just another reminder of colonialism and it’s barbarism that the world suffered, especially africa. This is a fetish way to keep historical pieces away from its rightful owners. Why should Africans travel to museums outside of Africa to see their own cultural historical pieces? Those pieces are not just art, they are people in their own right, some represent the African spiritual realm, which is unjustly kept away from its origins.
    If you ask me, keeping these artifects is just a means of keeping « looted African pieces » that are immensely valuable without reparations!
    Bring our stuff back!

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