November 28, 2022

44 thoughts on “African Spirituality with Meri Ka Ra of the KRST Unity Center

  1. John 14:6! Why do you think our ppl struggle so much? Because our ppl have the tendency to serve pagan gods. I'm not praying to my ancestors, the reason why our ppl suffer now is because a lot of our ancestors served false gods. Now here we go again! I'm sure I will get negative comments but I don't care. I'm tired of my people suffering due to lack of knowledge. Who did our ppl serve before slavery? Jesus! And then they started serving false gods. Some of our women are praying to Oshun. Oshun is a high ranking marine spirit aka demon and that's just one example. Osiris and ISIS are also demonic entities. 1 Timothy 4:1 explains it all. Ephesians 6:12 says that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood. This is a war for your soul. Why do you think our ppl are so gifted yet struggle so much? May God be with us!

  2. My comment may be removed, but the dead knows nothing, worshipping the dead is not of Yahweh, do I acknowledge that our ancestors before us did great things indeed I do, but to worship or rely on vessels that are no longer here, I can't do that, I don't believe in religion, I believe in relationship with Yahweh, I'm his daughter, he is my Father all of this foolishness about worshipping a white man is heathen talk, you have to establish your own relationship with Yahweh, everyone wants to put a color on Yahweh, when in fact we are to worship him in spirit and truth, we are to love everyone how do you only spread love to one particular group of Yahweh, that is not a representation of who Yahweh is, everybody so busy trying to prove a point by pointing out color, when in Fact its about Yahweh, seems to me this religion worships idols, pagans, the deceased, and Yahweh and I'm here to tell you that you cant mix Yahweh the great I am with any other religion he stands alone by himself, its not about color or a relegion its about relationship with Yahweh. Shalom.

  3. Nipsey Hussle’s mother brought me here. I’ve been pulled into Afrikan Spirituality but I didn’t know where to start. Then I heard Nipsey’s mother talk about KRST at a extremely low point in my life so this was all in divine timing. #thematathoncontinues

  4. Now who are we Glorifying here oh my GOD ELSHADI Have mercy YESHUA HAMASHIAC what's going on here no time for compromising! JESUS CHRIST is the way the Truth and the life Satan is very desesive be careful people GOD CHRIST died for you not nipsy or his mom!something is diffently going on here JESUS will be Returning soon and Satan is trying to take many down with him he knows his time is all most up please wake up Sons and Daughters of GOD don't look to ancestors this why we have generational of curses now because of them that now only YESHUA can break we must look to JESUS CHRIST alone JOHN 3:16🙏🙏🙏we must pray for the whole nation

  5. Nipsey's beautiful Mother and her strength led me to want to learn more about this wonderful spiritual practice.. Her grace her and her acceptance put me in awe.

  6. Yessss, we are all here due to Mama Hussle 🙂 Long Live Nipsey <3

    If anyone would like to connect so we can build and heal fr, im on YT IG && Twitter: @HelluvaHealer . May peace be upon you all!

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