August 19, 2022

35 thoughts on “African Students Terrorized in Ukraine, Tanzania Now Selling Wildlife for Hunting, No to Xenophobia

  1. Africans leaders must learn how to create wealth. Very simple thing when you have knife & cheese 🧀 in your hand. Look at countries like Japan, with no natural resources, or almost nothing, has created their wealth. Suitzland, Belgium etc, with very less resources, manage do good job. And we, fail in leadership. In creativity, in compassion, in unity, in priorities…some of our leaders don't even know what should be or could be our mail goals for africa. They don't learn how to invest in our people, culture. It is a mental problem..
    If we exercised this daily to benefit our people, our bodies, many africans wouldn't be suffering as they are. Am not saying that we would build a perfect africa with no complications, but we would walk on the street (heading up 👆)for most white people, their natural resources are mainly their brain…. Bye, but I will be back

  2. am pissed with Tanzania government as a Kenyan because this is poaching as we are being shown but say hunting to sound more less threatening☹☹ this is so sad that we see killing of our wildlife as a source of capital gain don't you see that white rhinos are going to be extinct if we legalize poaching and i mark you and promise that wouldn't sit well with the EAC and when the world knows about this you will get sanctions and than when the wildlife we cherish are gone forever we sell land for profit this is complete nonsense Tanzania and may led to the down fall of Tanzania as a nation some of your government officials not seeing a problem with this are part of the problem😡😡 i hope it get rejected the plan of doing that and magufuli was man with great intelligence and didnt have such ideas this is so stupid and magufuli had big idea that were for the best of tanzania not for the best of politicians who want to get money so that they send them to pandora paper and stuff while killing our wildlife

  3. Very wicked prime minister! And why do the people of TANZANIANS stand like they're helpless while your prime minister action off your animals, pretty soon she will actioning your country bit by bit until its end up in the wrong hands!

  4. All us weaklings can do is cry. We off African descent must stop crying and stop expecting goodness from these people. They never have and never will care about us. We are nothing to them but a group to be marginalized. We must unite and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and if they can't leave us alone we will wipe them out instantly. We can't afford to be divided and weak.

  5. You should always suspect the leader who is voted into power following the assassination of the current leader. This woman that is now in power should be suspected of having a hand in Magafuli's death.
    Dont trust her.

  6. The African leaders better WAKE UP or the next PLANDEMIC will be in Africa and much deadlier than China. They want Africa but not the Africans and they are plotting to get it. Kenyan family, protest to your leaders to not let Moderma open anything in Kenya….AFRICA will live to regret it. Take my word, as an African American. Take note that many European troops are leaving Africa…WE KNOW THEM.

  7. Another WEF handler for Berlin Conference descendants to hunt the animals, displace the Indigenous People via multi-National corp gentrification, etc. The season is not the 1960s or 1970s so all these handlers are in for a surprise. Popcorn ready!

  8. TZ statement makes NO DAMN SENSE, isnt what they are allowing called POACHING and displacement of the Maasai who are those that live near the hunting blocks! this is SO TWISTED! 🤨

  9. This is why African governments shouldn't allow foreigners to influence decision making. Why are they allowing them to kill the animals why not sell the animals to other reserves and safaris around Africa and make money that way

  10. Animals Are Not Ya Propertys Kick Those muzungus Out Stealing Ya Money And Stop Stealing From Ya Own People Give Them What Belongs To Them The Once Who Are Responsible For That Idea Should Be Hunted Keep The Natur Out Of Ya Bizz Thats The Last Warning On Everybody Who Think He Can Deal With The Nature How He Want Natur Is Not Ya Property.NegusaNagast7777

  11. You’re going to let these killers come in and hunt these beautiful animals? You’re stupid. People are more willing to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. These people will never be satisfied. They will end up taking more than what they need and ruining the habitat. Stop giving these killers what they want. Whoever gave the okay for this, is not concerned in preserving the habitat. They need to be removed immediately from their position. Not all skinfolk is kinfolk.

  12. I went on a Safari in Tanzania, I can’t imagine going back and seeing no animals 😔. It’s terrible to suggest killing for money. $30 million is definitely not worth a life of an animal or human.

  13. Omg, I cannot believe Tanzania is allowing this violent and cruel act committed against these beautiful animals. I am absolutely disgusted with some of these African leaders. Tanzania better watch out when these foreigners start shooting their own people for sport. This is not going to end well.

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