January 28, 2023

36 thoughts on “African Union Head Macky Sall Announces Visits to Russia and Ukraine

  1. Africa, stay out of this war. it has nothing to do with us…. Ukraine was being racists to your children who were students there remember? stay out of this at the end African will be blamed for something that we have no hand in……There are a lot of problems on the continent .If it is for shipping grain and wheat, then that's fine other than that stay away….

  2. AngloAmerican hypocrisy out right Racism is further exposed in Ukraine with pushing and beating fleeing Black and Asian people off trains and buses with colour segregation facilities . AngloAmericans abusing coloured people and refugees in West are expecting support by same victims which is most outrageous and adding salt to injury by blocking Grain supply to African and Asian needy countries by Russia .AngloAmericans claiming Russia has stolen Grains from Ukraine !!!!!!and Grains should be destined to Anglo countries and West who throw and burn food mountains every year to keep food prices up !!!!!! To be honest pointing nuclear missiles at Racist Bastards and publicise the reason for it in UN is one good way of lifting thier food blockade to Blacks and Brown people of the World .Putin is a very patient man who tolerates Western leading scumbags !Terrorist supporting West should be grateful that Kadirov not in charge of Russian Federation countries .Noone should tolerate and show any restraining towards Western systematic Racism and must stand up to them like Ethnic Russians have since 2014 in Ukraine !

  3. Africa must be extremely careful on who we side with the global system is being shaken to the core and the West and US are losing their dominance and it scares them, they will unleash hell. US has recently passed a bill to punish any African country that supports Russia, Mali thwarted rebels that the French were never able to get rid off, after the Wagner team came. if we decide to remain aligned to the West it most likely be our doom.

  4. As a South African I cannot think of my country without thinking of Russia, Mother Russia Thank you for standing with us when the White colonial supremist was killing our people, not only South Africa but other Africans countries too, RUSSIA -AFRICA SACRED BOND…. AFRICA MUST NEVER FORGET RUSSIA,,,, May we continue to Share in brotherly and sisterly Bonds and grow together – not only in good times but in bad times too…

  5. This is none of our business, AU MUST focus on welfare of indigenous and severe ties with former colonizing and current racist countries…. AU start with single currency on continent, abolish colonial borders and expel ALL foreign militaries and foreign contract fighters….

  6. U know what that war is called…it’s called dopeing. And u don’t wana let someone dope you for more then 10$ if u are Complete Boerboel!!! How u gona come any where if u boerboel

  7. He is visit to Russia and Ukraine to say the same stupid thing he said in Germany again?He told the German Africa need their present and Mali them. How moron could that be a leader who present the entire continent sound like a drug adict.

  8. Ain’t one of them white peoples stop me from fighting for you Africans in NewYorkCity and I had 1 EYE… because he hit it with a boot 🥾…so you not the cops if I help you the winner is the cops in the white world

  9. I'm in Jamaica. Happy to see AFRICANS siding with those that have black people interest at heart. America, NATO and UN are PARASITES looking their next host to feed off.

  10. Africa need to learn from Russia how to be self reliance and resilient. The west will one day impose sanctions on Africa should the continent refused to satisfy the desires of the west. Africa is much more vulnerable than Russia. AU representative is going there to secure food supply for Africa. Real indication Africa is still struggling to feed the hungry.

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