September 21, 2021

37 thoughts on “Africans don’t like Blacks (Why Do Africans Hate Black American) Being Black in Ghana

  1. Hi. I'm a white 60 year old male from Toronto, Canada. I've never had a passport in my life. Up until a few years ago there was an agreement with the U.S.A. that we didn't need a passport to travel back and forth from Canada to the U.S. The reason that I never had a passport and many other people that I met was that it was simply way too expensive to travel outside of North America. So I travelled across Canada and the northern United States. If Canada and the U.S. wound up separated into a number of smaller countries like every other continent (except Australia) then I'm sure that a lot more of us would have passports in order to visit the number of possible countries that would probably be here.

  2. Africa is not a country, please don't put all Africans in the same basket. Because you had bad experiences in one African country doesn't mean All Africans hate you. Some of love you dearly. I am sorry about your bad experience.

  3. I would hope that seeing countries where people don't live on credit and where people buy their homes outright would make you question US society on those issues. Countries where everyone isn't in debt for their entire lives are better in that respect than the US – and I should say better than the present-day US, because debt in everything from school to phones wasn't a standard US phenomenon until the 1980s. Even living off of credit cards wasn't normal in the US before the 1980s. Before that, being in debt was not just a normal thing. And the total-debt society that began in the US in the 1980s and continues today was not an advance, not an improvement. It has been overall a bad thing. So learn from these other countries and from your own country's past.

  4. nobody's got time to hate black americans if we did you won't emigrate to Ghana if your home country Nigeria hates you guys we as Ghanaians are peace loving people nobody's got time for you lot you guys come across as people with a chip on your shoulder get a life

  5. My dear sister Ayo your name is 100% nigerian there's no ghanaian father that would name his daughter Ayo or a ghanaian mother name their daughter Ayo hell no that won't happen be proud of your nigerian roots if you want to claim to be ghanaian that's cool but deep down we all know you ain't ghanaian.

  6. In my opinion Americans black or white or green leave Africans out of ur issues we are busy trying to grow out continent it’s upto u to fit in or chill out. Hate is such a strong word bdw we simply dislike the way u people come and think your better than everyone

  7. I don't know where your this conclusions of yours come from? I don't think all Africans hate black Americans. I am African and I certainly don't hate black Americans.

  8. Remember our ancient ancestors believed in spirituality!Not man made religions! The Motherland!Where first human being originated from!Tell it to your kids!

  9. We lived among the locals, tried to shop with them, but was always disappointed, so we had to start shopping at the grocery store at the mall and I wanted to buy some Ghana fabric; I bought some but found out it was from China, and the true Ghana fabric was at the mall also. Ghana need to invest into their people, with all the wealth, the people sure are not benefiting from any of it, but China sure is getting it's pockets fat, and exploiting the people to work for very low wages. The government is the problem.

  10. Ghanaian's hate us because they were partakers in our demise in selling our ancestors alone with the other haters. African's were not selling African's they were selling our ancestor. We are not African's. I saw that very clearly when my husband and I were in Ghana. We lived there for 7 months. Just because we have dark hue, does not mean we came from Africa. African's have a truly black hue to their skin tone pretty black smooth skin; we are of a brown hue skin tone. Our DNA is totally different, our character, mannerism and the way we think is as different as night and day.

  11. I really enjoyed watching you guys. In my experience here in the US, I quickly learned it is a waste of time trying to change the preconceived ideas about Africa and Africans. I was once asked I have seen houses like we have here. I simply said no. It was not until the advent of Facebook that some pictures of my past were posted. Some of these folks queried why I did not tell them my real truth. I reminded them they will never believe because of their misconceptions.

  12. I can't blame Africans, I would too. I watch Afridamus report which says the Karen's of Gambia watch it, I felt so sorry for the store person. This woman walk into the grocery store and tore the freezer apart she wants things done her way. If I were in that store I would have sent her to hospital Senegal invaded the gambia about 4 years ago it could happen again president Barrow said he sacrifice his son for Ju Ju it was in there language so I did not understood what was said please watch this vlog to see this dark bully. I can't take you tube anymore. I saw the man from bag basically stealing Avacados from someone's tree claiming up on the wall

  13. I'm African living in America. I think there is no hate between African & African American. The problem is just misunderstanding becoz of the culture, the language, and the way we see things but Blacks are all African no matter where they born or raised in the world.

  14. Hi guys! I have a friend who’s husband is from Ghana too. She moved there couple of years ago, from Texas. They have a YouTube channel called “Yvonne Chinea”, and other “Mensah Family Vlog.”

  15. Biggest lie is that africa is a poor poor country and filled with violence and there is no beauty when that is all I have seen is beautiful successful people. The way the white America has showed us Black Americans the country is so wrong.. I am planning a trip to ghana

  16. Had no idea Africans didn't like us untill this video.. Not trying to go somewhere folks don't like me based on stereotypes. Get enough of that already in the US. We might as well hash it out right here in America.

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