September 17, 2021

20 thoughts on “Africans from the Diaspora moving to Gambia

  1. She backed it all up with the sweetest words to disprove the misconceptions lots of people believe which will hold them back. Great speech with boldness and confidence if he she is and where she belongs. What a prophetic calling. Halleluyah

  2. I love her views about Africa. Every place is not like the states or the UK even some Caribbean countries experience some of the same problems as African countries but I love the Caribbean and always adapt so I believe diasporaians will adapt to any African country as well.

  3. Africa countries is just corrupt.
    True Lets come home and make
    our country a better place for us

    We don't need to make it like everyone else
    We can do ot the African way. Clean and have
    all the necessities.

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