September 21, 2023


  1. @AztecTripleAlliance

    What do you mean "I'M MEXICAN" ?


    It seems to me that you actually don't know what the HELL you are.

    You just jump on YOUTUBE and run your mouth like a LITTLE MEXICAN CHIHUAHUA.

    Study your HISTORY, SON.

    Study who is the TRUE ENEMY of all so-called "MEXICANS" and all people of COLOR around the WORLD.

    I will give you a hint: It's NOT the BLACK MAN.

  2. your money aint worth nuthin…yes you have a strong culture which i do respect but i know for a fact that africa was your begining…number 1 i am full african and i have slept with mexican women as well,and 2 there is a strong culture between africa and the western hemisphere all the races of the world came out of black and white unions.

  3. @STARCHYLD77 Shikhama.. You may find an interest in My Lesson 401, in which I show the origin of A.Egyptian being Pure Ki-Kongo [Language of Afa-Ra-Kaa]. In it, I also present what should be the Proper pronunciation, concept and translation of KM and KM.T, and why We as Ba-Kongo should omit the europeanized 'kemet', in exchange for its Proper translation. I offer this to you because I see your emphatic defense of Our People in this forum. Knowledge of Self is Power. MKuu-RA..

  4. @AztecTripleAlliance I`m a black man and one of my best friends is Mexican.He`s a rapper named Aztec.This video is not against Mexicans and it`s not trying to take anything away from Mexican history,He is just showing how black people came here in ancient times and lived amongst the natives of the land.Those Africans brought their knowledge of pyramid building and our culture. Why was it ok for the Mayans and Aztecs to except us but here in these days and times people like you are against us?…

  5. @saddat1965 …First of all, you don`t just build big pyramids like these and get it right the first time you build it. The people who did this had to already have built pyramids before. Things such as this had to have a trial and error period. In Egypt you can see how the building of pyramids evolved from the first ones to the last ones. Your people want to be able to get this land back but you can`t do it alone. I will ride with you if you ride with me.

  6. @AztecTripleAlliance LOOK MAN WE AFRICANS some mixed most not.. but we all african most of us can go back to certain parts of the mother continent and if we dont talk no one would know where not from there..straight must aint been to da real hood before…. we still black buddy.. light skin is still rare.. maybe not as rare as the past.. but still rare..

  7. This man knows only a lie of what he has learned. It is laughable the Egypt nonsense he thinks is true. Not one iota of truth to any of it. No research…none….support his history.

  8. white ppl have recessive genetic disorder. they not fully human. their dna is so weak. most of us are not mixed. only 15 percent. most of the mixed race is in more recent times. when we intergrated with them.

  9. while the rest of the world was living in a primitive stage in the Americans reached  a high a level in agriculture, engineering, hydraulic system.  The ancient Americans from the central Andes region were the responsible to spread knowledge through the world.  They followed the sun's path,They traveled northwester direction from lake titikaka, they reached the south east Asian islands 10,000 years ago and followed the sun's path to reach the Indian continent, they entered the Ganges river to settled at the Himalayas' foot, they founded the first settlements in the lower Mesopotamia, they reached north Africa and founded SAKA KARA (those who came to stay)  at the shores of the Nile river, The first pyramids in  Egypt were the stepped pyramids that resembles from the homeland, inside the chamber of the great pyramid there is a rock carved with the 3 steps of the Andes, and the T downward both symbols belong to the ancient American symbolism.  They Ancient Americans were known as KARA MAYA.

  10. Do you think that that Africa medallion that we used to wear around our necks in the 90's is an accurate representation of the continent? *Peep Knowledge*
    The oldest known globe of the planet Earth that is still in existence was made by Martin Behaim in 1492. Despite the oldest replica of Earth being made in the late 15th Century, the first black and white picture of Earth from outer space was taken on October 24, 1946 and the first full view of the “blue marble” was taken on December 7, 1972. The accuracy of the the globe that was made by Martin Behaim is eerily on point with the shapes and locations of the land masses and bodies of water on photographs of the planet that were taken almost 400 years later. How is this possible?*
    The surface area of the Earth is 196,940,000 sq. miles.
    On average,the largest human organ, the skin, has a surface area of about 25 sq. feet (total area of the human body).
    25 sq. feet (the human body) = .00000089675 sq. miles
    196,940,000 sq. miles (the area of the Earth) / .00000089675 sq. miles(1 person)= 219,615,277,390,577??? ( I need some help with this one, it is an energy conversion). This equals to 1 person expounding enough energy to cover an area 219,615,277,390,577 (trillion) sq. miles or 1,115,138 Earths (219,615,277,390,577 / 196,940,000).
    Now for the sake of fairness I will assume that the total world population at the End of the 15th Century was 550 million. Even if every person on Earth was charged with the responsibility of mapping the Earth that would make each person responsible for 399,472.6 sq. miles of Earth and of course these 550 million people would have to have a body area of 493 sq. miles to cover this amount of land!*
    Everybody has knowledge of the Truth inside of them, you just have tune in to the right frequency. Put down that Goose and Ciroc, them blunts and squares and vibrate higher.
    In the words of one of the Illuminati's favorite weapons, Beyonce, "I woke up like this."

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