July 2, 2022

20 thoughts on “Africans Pissed off at Ukraine’s War Recruit Calls, 22 Elephants Sold to UAE, New Sudan Protests

  1. very sad from namibia. its citizens are poaching in neighbouring Botswana while its government is selling to UAE. Our animals are kept in a sorry state in zoos by these foreign countries. very sad

  2. Africa is not the only place in the World to recruit ,come to the Asia & Pacific and recruit . Ukraine s President Mr Volodymyr is a Christain and a Jew . His support in Asia -Pacific is paramount

  3. For any Africans considering going to Ukraine, please look at history. Africans, African Americans, Indians, Mexicans, and Asian people have a heart of gold, but history of helping, working and dying for old white males wars to only receive disrespect, murder, and lies. Africans, Jamaicans, and African Americans NEVER received the justice, freedom, equity in jobs, lands, loans and peace they were promised. If they read Windrush atrocities against the Jamaicans, the massacre of Senegal men on December 1, 1944 by French military, and every war that African American men and women served in the usa military started. If they read their history and still want to go – these people have a heart of GOLD and really think they are fighting for more than the ukraine people. When the African students were detained is a PRIME example of what will happen to the majority of us when this is over.

  4. Why would they say that the Elephants are encroaching on humans when factually the truth is that people are encroaching on wild life habitat, I think that they should use all that monetary resource to relocate the humans……..

  5. Seriously We must Respect and Protect Our Elephants, what's wrong with our leadership , everything seems to be on sale, AFRICANS we must stand up to PROTECT by any means necessary OUR PEOPLE, OUR CULTURES, OUR LAND, OUR WILDLIFE AND OUR ANIMALS NOW. Enough non sense.

  6. Don't believe the Europeans they're not people of their word you're go to fight for them then they turn around and say who are you after the war is over. The Ukrainian government needs to learn how to treat African students better first

  7. Just like how the West have used their slaves and Africans in their war during colonisation, WW1 and 2 as meat shields. Today, Ukrainians think they can use the same tactic to use the life of the Africans as cannon fodder to win the war. Any African who dares to sell his soul to fight for NATO and a country who despise them, deserves to be labeled as traitor, revoked from his African citizenship, and permanently banned from his country of origin.

    There are already a few in my own country who have made public statements that they will join the Ukrainian war against, if I remember correctly, a promised $2000 per day.

  8. Ukraine is doing the same thing in Mexico. They are trying to recruit Mexicans are "mercenarios". I think it is very wrong for them to do that. Besides they promise to pay a lot of money, and I wonder where does Ukraine would get that money to pay them anyway? they rely on the whole world for their war. I dont understand. USA is sending 1.2 trillion USD. It is so so corrupt.

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