July 3, 2022

50 thoughts on “Africans Still in Ukraine, Chinese Miner Spill Poison in Local River, Korea to Build Base in Angola

  1. Africa these white people and chinese wont allow you to exploit their lands so why do they come to africa to do as they wish,we need strong leaders who dont give a damn

  2. They are lucky they are not in my village, I would kill them. Africa we getting nothing out of these crooks, why can't we mine our own minerals instead of giving them away. How many African companies have abused chinese laws and get away with it?

  3. African countries should have been trying to get their citizens. Indians were treated horrible so their country made sure they got their citizens.

  4. My God what's wrong with Africa? Why allow the enemy in your house? Don't you know they will kill all your children, wife and you? Why are you under the enemy's spell? Why don't you fight and protect Mother Africa?! These people are godless and have no soul! Please fight for the continent! I'm endeavoring to visit the Motherland one day Please take care of her and her children ❤️…

  5. I fed up with all of you Africans,noooooo outsiders don't care about Africans only the land and natural resources,when will you guys learn, on the dying bed,it will be to late,when will you take and control your country or put it this way can you go in one of the outsiders countries and try do that.

  6. Every nation on the face of this planet is trying and planning to remove the Africans from the entire continent of Africa. Was I born with common sense only I do not think that I was born with the only common sense on the planet but it does not take too much of brain power to see clearly that nations are planning on removing every African from the continent of Africa all of it. Wake up Africa or die in your sleep.

  7. It seems everytime native Africans gain entry into a country outside of the US there's a plethora of news reports of mistreatment. Might want to tarry for spiritual discernment. There's a reason and a pattern here might need to study social science.

  8. African has being discriminated against in Ukraine at the border crossing Ukraine recruiting Africans but told them they have to pay their own fare to Poland and hundreds of Nigerians still sign up to help Ukraine fight their war with Russia. I just cant believe the mindset of these people. Please Africans stop your inferiority complex and Stockholm syndrome mentality. The world are laughing at you. Another thing would any African country help their neighboring county if they are at war we know the answer NO!

  9. Why is there so many white folk on the board? They can't speak for Black folk!! You guys still didn't learn. Look at how they have treated our African brothers in Ukrainian . Get those Chinese out of Africa they don't appreciate the mother land.

  10. Africa is allowing the Chinese too much freedom, they could not have discharge poisonous material in any river in China and not be put in prison the Chinese while one group seek to improve infrastructure in Africa another group is exploring for personal gain with scant regard for the safety and well-being for the citizens of the continent, if the respective governments do not hastily put a stop to the free reign of these Chinese we will soon hear of a mass murder by the action of those Chinese.

  11. these people do nothing but dump they filth on other people stop these contracts with other country this is not new am 63 and seen a lot of crap these people push out just crazy poison get in places it has no business so you know what happen n how it got there it was placed wake up

  12. I sincerely hope all this conflict comes to end ASAP. People, on both sides die everyday. How would NATO intervene without direct confrontation with Russia? How will Ukraine airspace be protected from Russian warplanes?

    Russian military already destroyed most supply chain routes to that link Ukraine to the rest of Europe.

    Russian military already destroyed most Ukranian Air fields, meaning the planes to defend Ukraine will have to be stored, maintained, flown and refueled from another country other than Ukraine.

    This poses such countries at risk as Russia will consider such part of the war. This puts the whole of Europe at the brink of continental war.

  13. Africa needs to stop all other countries from entering the country. It's time to use your own resources to make money. Stop letting others use your resources there!

  14. The sad part is that this isn't the first Chinese mining company to do this smh. Punish the collaborators as well as the perpetrators. The mice will eat the house if there's no cat about

  15. 🎀The Chinese who have poisoned the water need to be fined and put in prison for breaking the law. As the posions kill the fish and anyone else drinking the water.

    Anyway, the h you for the update. It’s nice to see what’s happening in other parts of the world.🎀

  16. Unlicensed and polluting.. Have they been charged? Are there punitive damages filed, and secured? and are there confirmed water deliveries scheduled for the duration of reparation of the people's natural water source, no matter how long that endures?
    This is a grave situation! Unlimited Scrutiny should be so much more intense with companies coming in having a singularly profit based motive, grossly disrespecting the lives of the people. This is not an uncommon problem.

  17. Thank God countries throughout the world are addressing and making efforts to recycle plastic.
    With regard to Chinese waste and poisons seeping into a river – this kind of scenario is nothing new. The relevant African authorties and Government which allowed foreigners to do business there should be held accountable.

  18. What's happening with our leaders how it's possible to operate in an African country with a license and at thesame time, trying to put up a military base on African soil? This has to stop.

  19. It appears leaders in Africa are WILLINGLY giving away the African continent to several Asian countries!!
    A what a gwaan?
    WAKE UP, Africa!!💯

  20. So those Chinese been there operating and it's when they almost kill off the residents that governments realize there were no licenses? BS, it's corruption that is killing the continent of our ancestors. It's a bunch of thieves running some of those countries. They are all for themselves. This is why the world sees us as backwards. No care about their citizens, only worry about their pockets.

  21. Point 1: is money from the nation described an issue to accommodating extrication and not a skin color / racial occurrence? Point 2: understanding of waves & weather from seafaring days should gather all capitalistic ventures currently to free money (historical and on going waste) to a oceanographic stock pile. Point EG: I have not knowledge or conductive manner of resolution of this situation but only guidance on prevention or moving forward from an event of this magnitude without gain or allowing others to gain from your loss (which they will attempt to do). Ghana (watch Lethal Weapon II); be very careful on how diplomatic processes are used, conducted & exploited; there are many ways. Point Z: Look into history. One person should have the internet at their fingertips… The chemical industry at your country's stage doesn't care and runs your situation anyways. If the person that looks into historical events doesn't know the answer or hides it… welcome to the real world (potential risk for reward at the cost of life and a financial slap on the wrist while continuing operation. Point A: Wise based off of future for both parties while attempting to stay out of the political or everchanging current world events. Point T: I need to further look into the information provided to give a retort.

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