January 28, 2023

46 thoughts on “Africans Tell AU to Drop Israel, S.Africa Veterans Hold Ministers Hostage, Libya Torturing Africans

  1. So called Israel is no difference than USA both are two faces of same coin. This jerk wants to rule the world after Ameicas collapse and will no different than britian or USA

  2. Why does Israel want observer status in the AU? What happens in Africa is NONE of their business! Their record of human rights abuses means that they are malicious and should not be afforded ANY status in regional or international organisations. Palestine always supported efforts at African solidarity and liberation movements in Africa. It is time for Africa to reciprocate and to support Palestine in its continued fight for freedom and basic human rights against Israel!

  3. Chinese are going to Africa in Droves and are being accepted with open arms while Africans are being kicked out of China. Something is wrong with this picture. Good to see that Africa is starting to understand the importance of border and water protection. Africa for Africans. One Love. One Africa.

  4. It is unfair to us the followers of this channel to find ourselves facing propaganda against Israel. We respect Israel and believe it's security is vital to the African Diaspora. Stop pushing negativity on countries that are fighting for the survival of their peoples, Israel is in a very dangerous neigborhood that has killed off so many black peoples through this same tactics of generalized and unforgiving hate based on religon or skin color the arabs are used to. Thank GOD Almighty israel is giving to them the taste of their own doings.

  5. I wish military veterans in SA would unite and do some actual work in training the people with their knowledge, so that they can stand united and against the true colonial vvhite oppressors.

    Nigeria shame on you. Don't fall into the trap of jabbing, and ultimately genociding your own people. Afrika, the Global South don't fall into this trap. Let the colonisers get rid of themselves by mass jabs.

    DRC yes! We should ALL across the Global South sue the colonisers and their countries for their crimes against us. Imagine the majority of the world doing this, simultaneously! ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  6. Why was Haiti rejected by the AU but, Israel and China were given observer status in the AU? Real unity is when all black nations on the face of the earth, come under the umbrella of the AU with one passport, one currency, one supreme court and one army!!! It can be done!!!

  7. Read the Book of Revelation . It talks about the Kings of the South fighting against Israel allied to the vast army from the the East . I read China . This is unfolding right b4 us . Read the final end 4 those who oppose Israel . Food 4 thought , Africa .

  8. Why will the PLO be allowed in the African Union as observers and not Israel ?? I smell Islamic pressure!! Isreal has more to offer Africa than all the Arabs put together

  9. Nigeria government must step down for supporting the Lucifer New world order vaccines 666 and don't stop boKaram from take away black people they are working for Lucifer

  10. In the light of the absolutely appalling and atrocious human rights records in Libya it is completely indefensible for the EU to repatriate migrants this country. Unacceptable 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  11. Weird how everyone is up in arms over Libya but they are saying nothing about home countries of the people trying to flee… Stay in your countries and fix your shit and no one will treat you like shit, cowards run to other countries

  12. Africa please first talk and deal with AFRICAN XENOPHOBIC countries that have passionate hatred against black Africans from outside of their countries before going all the way to Isreal. Charity begins at home. Stop the stupid hypocrisy. Nonsense!!

  13. "Migrants rescued from the mediterenean sea"… you mean African refugees escaping Africa, trying to illegally enter Europe.

    I'm out of here. Guess it's just the African mindset and it's what its people like to hear.

  14. My Africans don’t leave your countries and make the unsafe journey, Libya is a raciest country and will not treat you like humans. I try to tell my Somali brothers and sisters to stay no matter how unsafe sometimes our country can feel it’s not any better out there intact it’s worse.🧕🏾😣😢

  15. We should drop isreals observation status on principal not based on any fictitious moral standards. We has a continent are dealing with nations like Israel on daily basis and I've never found any reasons to cut our diplomatical ties. Israel cannot have that status because it's not part of the African continent. We need an African driven agenda. Something that we ourselves believe in and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work for us. We have challenges of African unity,we should deal with that,we have issues of close border trade, needs argent attention, ridiculous costs of travel and business costs. All these are issues that should take centre stage in our discussions everyday. Otherwise we are might just find ourselves 50 years back without the freedom to say anything on our African continent. We need to work on our unity, it's the only way.

  16. Misleading title, should be “..some Africans” some of us support Israel ‘a bid… it’s silly being someone ‘a enemy because they have issues with another friend.. #ILoveISRAEL ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬

  17. Israel is not recognized under AU. The question is what measures awaits the bought moron who granted them the observer status illegally. An apartheid state who just sees Africans as tools to to use to regain its apartheid destroyed reputation. We demand action against the sellout moron, period! We also demand a public statement denouncing this illegal status and expulsion of the sellout moron

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