July 3, 2022

14 thoughts on “Africans Telling Our Own Stories – Sankofa Children’s Stories Website Launch

  1. Black people is the riches people on this planet, and they know it, That why we're their number target, But all our wealth is rap up into these white bullies pockets, The new clear weapons that they built from our of our wealth that they stolen is out of fear for us as they know that there would be no contest, and that is the only way they can keep us subdued to continued the pillaging of our resources

  2. All that these white bullies or doing to Black people can be stop, If we can just come together in [ UNITY SPEAKING ONE VOICE ONE MISSION ] Them and their evil heartless and monsterous act will become history

  3. Why it is okay for white people to new clear weapons but if any other race try to develop their own new clear weapons only for protections there comes a blockade of sanction imposed on them, What or these bullies up to??? they act as if they own this planet and we must pledge loyalty to what they decided to allow and we must always answer to them, everyone else must get their seal of approval to move forward, why the rest of us all surrender our freedom to these dictators and bullies????

  4. There was an example here in America where a Jamaican child got an answer wrong when she was asked on a paper where she was to circle foods that people eat. She circled a goat and the teacher marked it wrong.

  5. I don't Understand how this pagesdont have millions of African views.but no matter how they try to block this message from getting out.all Africans know the truth and we are waiting for our call

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