December 7, 2022

43 thoughts on “Africa’s History was Confused by Colonizers to Conquer & Destroy our Identity

  1. @2nacheki You ask and you receive. Lake Victoria was called Nyanza in some Bantu languages and Kinyarwanda; Nam Lolwe in Luo; Nalubaale in Uganda; Formerly known to the Arabs as Ukerewe. Ukerewe is the largest island in Lake Victoria and the largest inland island in Africa, with an area of approximately 530 km².

  2. The answers are within us. Don't underestimate meditation and connecting with the ancestors. That will help you know. Cause honesty I don't see Europeans giving back our books and artifacts any time soon.

  3. Unlike the rest of Afrika the Ethiopian leaders DID NOT make the mistake like the other Afrikan leaders to allow the europeans to promote their version of christianity in Ethiopia and this is one of the MAIN reason why the europeans were not able to colonize Ethiopia.

  4. I always wanted to know about our precolonial history, way of life, governance and so on. I'm getting there and I found out our ancestors were brave, wise and full of honor in all their dealings.

  5. When it comes to history most of is printed about whites is filled with half truths and outright lies. When one picks up the Bible they don't know that what they have in their hands is one of their most effective masterpieces of a historical rewrite. The chosen people are all Negros, each and every one of them, and even Noah was an Albino Negro. When these people took to the history of the Israelites they rewrote it in their image. The removed the name of the creator, his son's name and changed most of the names of his people to reflect the names found in their society as Paul's actual name is Sha'ul.
    Most people don't know that the very letter "J" was invented in 1478 which makes it impossible for the name of our messiah to be Jesus. Jesus is a name they basically made up out of then air but it's roots are in Greek mythology as if you trace it back you end up with Zeus. The actual name of our messiah is Yahushua.
    Once they were done with their little rewrite of history they kicked the Israelites out of their very own history replacing them with folks of European decent. Now they created a name for themselves as remember there is no letter "J" in the Hebrew alphabet and the letter "J" wasn't in existence as it hadn't been created yet so the name they created they did so far and square as they are Jews but a Jew is not and Israelite as they are just gentiles. They cause so much destruction that they forced most to accept their new given identity by killing them. If you know anything about the scriptures you will know that when Israel returns to the promise land there will be peace in the world as ever since these fakes moved there their has been nothing but war as they simply do not fit the prophecies. In the scriptures it is already known that these people would do this written in Rev 2:9 where they are called out as being fakes.

    Why did all of this happen to Israel? It's all due to the sins of their forefathers as they didn't keep their end of the covenant that they made with the creator of all things YAH. You can learn more about the truth of the history of Israel here:×6-ouOSbJk
    Some of you might be asking, "Why now is the truth starting to come out?" That because the duration of the curses put on Israel was for 400 years and for a lot of us that time is up and we are waking up to the truth of our heritage as a result. From most studies the only tribe to be sent into captivity was the tribe of Yahudah for their role in putting the creator's son to death.

  6. The colonizers are an evil group that will be at war with God in the end, they will never accept truth, they will always try to control various countries and they have no form of spirituality, and those of them who claim spirituality don't accept truth and will never admit the atrocities, the end prophecy will be them vs God in the very end, only God will be able to restore the lost, stolen, and grossly butchered history that in itself is an evil abomination. all of their offsprings who don't denounce their spirit will be held accountable, they are God's enemy at the end of the day.

  7. That's a young smart man, well can start off with the African form of christiany, way before a outside Europe, or any other came up with there own forms, religion is a serious problem in Africa, Africa is the birth place of civilization, deep history, but any way keep rising and do your research young brothers and sister's, the answers are right there where it started, AF-FREE-KA

  8. How happy I am seriously I can't express in words being Indian hindu who gone worse nightmare what you spoke about even today targetted being last native resistence force against beastly demonic forces deception slavery game played out

  9. Change your school curriculum, teach your ancient history to the young school children. Make your ancient history the central narrative of your origin. That is the TRUTH. The COLONIZERS are an interruption of your TRUE story. Religion as well, get rid of COLONIZER religious beliefs. It enslaves the collective African mind.

  10. We must quit blaming the colonial masters; its more than 60years since most African countries gained flag independence and we yet complain. What African leaders have done to Africa is worse than what the colonialists did to Africa

  11. Well said without a past you are a lost people these vampire Europeans built there nations on the blood of your ancestors you must break with the past rename your wonders with African names take away their hold on your lands by renaming every European name that was thought up to glorify the colonisers I see black people in the uk with names like ferguson, mc carty, James, Davis these are not names of African descent but the names that were given to your forefathers they're the name of their owners these people have taken away your past . On these European slave ships they sorted out any Muslims amongst the rest as these were termed trouble makers chained them together then threw them overboard . The African peoples where taken to plantations american , British, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese. And had Christianity forced on them which they passed on to their offspring …its one thing to chose to be a Christian and quite another to have Christianity forced on you . These people can trace their heritage back thousands of years Jamaicans, Trinidadian all Caribbean countries have yesterday they have no heritage and they dislike people's from Africa as they say Africans hate them they do not mix at all the somal in uk hate Jamaicans and visa versa …this is the result of vampire Europeans going around the known world and taking people's as if they were cattle ..human beings who had lives customs families friends . And still that is not enough for them they bring the brainless Africans out of Africa and give them an education .Dr's, lawyers , scientists of which only a few return . And then we'll get the appeals on tv saying Africa needs water send money Africans are suffering these terrible diseases send money . And you can bet your bottom dollar you will only see a fraction of the monies collected . Slavery never stopped its just taken on a new guise .

  12. …first sucses genocide in 3 PUNIC wars European Republika Rome against African 🌍 civilization Kingdom Kartagina-New Spain-Fenikians…in future after attacks against Western African 🌍 civilization in Atlantic coast destroyed with Spain 🇪🇸 and Portugal 🇵🇹 colonizators ! Approved with all Catholics church ⛪ and papa ! WORLD CRIMES AGAINST BRAON AFRICANS in past time 15 – 19. century all Africans peoples becomes SLAVES for all World 🌎…in beginning slavery not approved in France 🇫🇷, and Britain 🇬🇧…this world slavery system totally collapsed in USA 🇺🇸 civil war 1861-1865 years and colapsed in begining South American revolution, SIMON BOLIVAR and others rebellion leaders…new colonialism in 19 – 21. century ! Last attack against all Afrika 🌍 in World conspiracy for destroyed suverent state LIBYA, almost Tunisia 🇹🇳 and Egypt 🇪🇬…Walter Berlin 001…

  13. If he feels this way SO much more do I feel this way in this place called USA were do I fit in. I remember being in first grade and the teacher called out the names of the students and you had to say your name and where you were from. When the teacher called my name I said Africa. The whole class started to laugh at me, the teacher said how could you be from Africa, if your from Africa what part? Me being intimidated and embarrassed said "onknow". Just like I spelled it. "AFRICA " I only heard about AFRICA not other parts of AFRICA and what I did find out about AFRICA did not come from the school it came from the streets.
    I Just Want The TRUTH and nothing BUT The TRUTH. WHO AM I?

  14. Missionaries have done such a nasty number on us,its time our Leaders start restricting such Missionary visas so we can unlearn the bad and relearn the good.We need to know our true History,our true identity,our true spirituality that empowers us and not that allows us to be subjugated by our enemies or praying to a deity that looks like our enemy instead of one that looks like us.Its time to free our minds and spirit.

  15. Indeed Ase! Well said and it IS time we climb the mountain… we will find out our true history and please work on renaming all what has been renamed by the colonialists people. TIME MY PEOPLE'S TIME. 🙏🏿💧

  16. Islam and Christianity are a form of mental slavery, our people would even prefer to remain poor forever as long as they obey those religions. Some are so trapped and will never return from the mental slavery. Have you noticed that countries in Africa that are very religious are the poorest. Congo, Somalia, Mali, Senegal

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