September 22, 2021

42 thoughts on “Africa's looted art | DW Documentary

  1. The level of entitlement is so mind boggling. The thought that thieves are debating the best way to handle giving back property to its rightful owners is just beyond beyond to me.

  2. This is a nationwide criminal enterprise. It works like this; Teens are typically paid in drugs but allot of times by a small $ payment for products given over to —> street level lieutenants who in turn run them over to —–> captains who run them to loading docks and quickly placed into cargo shipping containers and off they go to Africa, Russia, India, and so on. The Ship's owner doesn't care since all that matters is the vessel does not cross the ocean on empty. Mercedes or Honda, Toyota SUV's fetch allot more over there than they do here in the USA. Think about this; Why does a kid scoop an arm load of nail polish, maybe 500 bottles, off a shelf and into a large laundry type bag? Or underwear? Ladies things? They target stuff that has very good staying power and makes the trip overseas. Know this well; There's a market on both sides of the Ocean… in North and South America all the way to Africa and well beyond. There allot of $$$ in this black market. Crooked politicians have every reason in the world to keep this syndication going as long as possible. And they are ! When is a crime not a crime? When it feeds the black markets demands. They will not be prosecuted. It will continue this way for as long as it is allowed to. All the thieves need is for someone to hit the 'go steal it all and now' button. The low IQ cretin kids do it all for them. This is a nationwide criminal enterprise. It's all very very simple. Staring us right in the face and no one understands a damn thing. Its just sensational news for a few minutes on the TV and then Americans' roll over and fall right back asleep to it all.

    And be sure to note; just about every online report here has its comment section turned off.

  3. Please.let them have there stuff back ,fed up with the double standards of black people, yes whites have been a problem in history, but history is full of things that are wrong .Some of these people on video going on about the killing, referring to white people, but Africa has had so much brutality and nothing to do with whites. I am no racist, but seems some choose to pick what suits there agenda, which all races are probably guilty of..Totally agree with returns of what matters to them ,as long as it is not stored in South Africa museum as it would have been looted by there own by now ..

  4. I visited the British Museum in 1999 for the main purpose of looking at the Portland Vase, a priceless Roman object that was smashed to pieces by a drunk man while in their care. I was both amazed and appalled by the display of art from all over the world, especially the Elgin Marbles that were in my opinion looted from the Parthenon. “Why are these here and not in Greece?” I asked myself and others. I never imagined the massacres behind the other items in the museum though.

  5. African here – The only way to have these looted artifacts returned is for Africa to rise, plain and simple. Ever heard the saying 'to the victor goes the spoils' …. unless these various African countries lift themselves up economically and militarily to first rate nations, those artifacts will remain in Europe. This is the way the world works for better or for worse. Power talks, bull shit walks… Might is Right!

  6. I'm seeing many Africans here, beating about he bush. Let me put it in terms these people will understand. Give us back our soul, or our children will annihilate your children, and pry it from their dead hands. In Africa, we love to savor vengeance, it is in your best interests to give us no reason to proceed to the action part.

  7. 16:45 anyone else notice she is holding the returned Bible with no gloves and is holding it in a way that can easily damage the Bible and is putting strain on the spine damaging it to some extent? I’m just saying for such an historical item as they are saying you would think you want to I don’t know not damage the historical item. I’m a book collector of rare and vintage books and I would rather see that Bible returned to Germany than see it mishandled so badly. This is why Germany doesn’t want to return anything. They take care of the most relevant items and not damage them. While the items let to ruin by age if you ever get a chance to look into it it’s mostly stuff that doesn’t belong in a museum and has no notes on where it originally came from preventing it to be sent back to the rightful “owners” and the other issue is the constant conflicts in most of those places are a danger to the items if sent back. Then if you start sending items back to Africa it opens the floodgates to send ALL THINGS back. Which isn’t the best idea since Africa isn’t known for proper care of much for various reasons. That is what Germans are thinking that Africans do not think about.

  8. THE BIBLE,THE WHIP,AND THE CHAINS SHOULD BE THE LAST THING ON THE AGENDA TO RETURN TO AFRICA,iT was the very first thing in that ear that started it all,i should have been brought back and be destroyed on national television as a symbol of disapproval of the crimes committed

  9. Give back what you stole and not yours !! Bring back to the rightful owners, to the land. and people.
    What’s wrong with you Germany? Why even discuss it ? Why drag it out so long ? Just do the right thing!!!!
    Give everything back !!!

  10. This fool made an art piece with a bunch of white Jesus pieces on. I'm done! Your oppressors and enemies will never respect you as long as you worship them and their foney idols. God is black. Jesus is black. The Jews are black. The apostles, deciples, and prophets are black. The angles are black.and the millions of ISRAELITES through Africa and the Americas are BLACK!

  11. You know the fact that this is even a debate… whether “we” should give back something that was never ours to begin with. And to hear people talk about it, as if they are trying to protect it, sure… a thief trying to protect an artifact from its original owners… it’s this kind of backwards thinking that’s ultimately going to destroy Europe, nothing from abroad, it’s our own culture of disrespect towards other cultures, this sense of entitlement we apparently still have.

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