September 22, 2023
Africa's looted art | DW Documentary

’s colonial overlords brutally stripped it of countless cultural treasures. Now, the fate of these items is being hotly debated in …


41 thoughts on “Africa's looted art | DW Documentary

  1. European dont look at African as different kind of people, they see us as one, (Black Africans)

    until we see ourselves as One, inner-standing will take it place,

    the ancestors n the creator will bring peace within the universe.

    Africans we are one, greed is what destroyed n still destroying our souls…….

    We must respect and honor our ancestors hard work, they wasn’t perfect no nation has been, it’s time we respect culture, and traditions as it should be,

    we can’t continue to think the way other nations was made to think, we can’t continue to practice theirs way of life, such as they’re culture, and traditions,

    when we have our own given from those that came before us, we are disgrace to our nation, that’s why things has been so hard for us in the Diaspora,

    If we want peace we have to learn to first make peace with ourselves,

    let’s level up and embrace our culture or we just might lose it……
    May the Most High be with us all.

  2. Let me educate my African brothers and sisters on a very important point here. The EU economic development was built on the robbing African ppl from their resources because they didnt see them coming with Satanic weapons raging war. As currency locker, EU citizens couldn't have done that, to make these or dig them or steal them, so it's like a naked bank in someone's hand, to control the economy and it's currency means you control the people, then after the gold and silver backed money was no longer the play (for us the 1933) the west moved into fractional banking, means they print money backed with future labor of ppl and their children tied in vague contracts, these museums are Trust safe keeping houses, essentially a Bank of it's kind, the reason they don't want to give them back it's because they have 100s of millions locked in the artifacts, but why? Because in fractional banking economic based west, recessions happen avg every 10 years, and these artifacts are unattainable and can't be faked, so they have significant value in WEALTH PERSERVATION, through economic raises and falls, they literally are like NFTs of old times, valued at 1ton gold 10ton gold, there is a way to get them back but a very special kind of way and only few know how to.

    WE WERE UGLY WITH nappy hair and black. To be laughed at.
    JUST DON'T GET (IT)❓❓❓.

  4. So disgusting what western societies – UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal, etc – have done in Africa. It’s bad enough they’re enslavers, colonizers and killers of Africans but to then r@pe, rob and pillage as they did speaks volumes – the fight between the seeds of the serpent/Nephilim vs The Most High’s human beings continues on.

  5. These museums are like the human zoo they made for Africans only now instead of our bodies they imprison our heritage… bastards, they'll never give it back😒

  6. All the Nigerian officials who had to dona ceremony for the dead Nazi queen of England must have been pissed of beyond belief I don't know why we're still in the commonwealth but we supposedly have our independence, bullshit I was born free and I don't celebrate that supposed independence.

  7. All the African countries who supposedly got their independence from these heartless Europeans need to turn it into white history in Africa day or month not celebrate it.

  8. enslave them ,robb them off their culture bully them , take their richness de mean them then replace their culture with religeon ……but still they thrive and centuries later they will bw fully …..time offers justice

  9. Black millionaires need to unit and form a independent council to get bring back and returned to the true owners of your beautiful art and the soul of your history, use your money and influential powers to get it back, and become the modern heroes of our time. I'm not from African decent. I am asian raised in America. Growing up I was taught to understand the difference between the right and wrong, please help your brothers and sisters and your new generations to obtain what is rightfully your. Not to be sarcastic in any way money and power with some great leadership much can be accomplished, God be with you my brothers and sisters

  10. Coming to terms with your own history is a difficult thing. The problem is to accept all of it, including those aspects that, in contemporary view, are ugly. In Benin it really begins with an expedition, years prior to the "punitive expedition" whose goal it was to trick the oba to sign all of his rights away to secure 'protection' in queen Victoria's name. I found a contemporary publication of the document. The king's signature was a cross, the translator's signature also was a cross, i.e. neither could read or write English let alone the English legal system and what it entailed. The lack of understanding on the Benin side let to the expedition to Benin City which led to the "punitive expedition'. That must be admitted on the British side – most likely not just in the case of the Kingdom of Benin.
    In regard to the former Kingdom of Benin, it is necessary not just to glorify the past but to face a history of very cruel human sacrifice on a very large scale, a social order in which everyone in the kingdom was automatically the oba's slave, even though the oba, at the end of the 18h century had little knowledge of what was going on in or outside his court, and he was dependent on a group of elders politically and physically.
    Only when those aspects of Benin culture are held up to historical truth, regardless how embarrassing, inglorious, but also glorious they may be, can a repatriation of the objects that are witness be truly meaningful.

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