Afro-Brazilian Muslim Women Can't Find Husbands

Shaykh Abdul Hameed Ahmad, imam of the Salvador Mosque in Bahia, Brazil, speaks about the social problem of black Brazilian Muslim women not being able to find Muslim husbands.

Brazil has a growing Muslim population, in which the majority of the Muslims in Brazil are of Arab descent. Unfortunately a number of Afro-Brazilian Muslim women are unable to marry Arab Muslim men due to cultural stigma towards black women, despite Islam permitting marriage between Muslims irrespective of their colour or ethnicity.

Interview conducted by Habeeb Akande, author of Illuminating the Blackness: Blacks and African Muslims in Brazil.


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  1. Completely and totally illogical!……… people should have just as
    Much distain for Islam as for
    Catholicism! Both en slaves our ancestors and both are tool of conquest!

  2. The Imam was not insunuating that it was because Arab before you pushed the narrative there. He was saying that the muslim population in that city is mostly Arab so that's why there are a lot of muslims there in that city but he was trying to tell you that there are less muslim men in the other city with a lot of muslim afro brazilian women.

  3. I'm black and I don't want this culture around here! If y'all want to live here, y'all better embrace our culture otherwise…
    get the fuck out here !!

  4. Hope all who against Islam first read quran then decide just to show for your self you are scientific human not a blind followers. I'm arabic man and I married my neighbour because I believe the common points between us are so important to live together but I'm ready to marry again to solve such like this problem because me and my wife believe that Islam allowed multi marriage only in such these cases. Otherwise quran is the only holy book which said " if you fear you cannot
    act fairly towards the
    orphans then marry
    the women you like
    two, or three, or four.
    But if you fear you will
    not be fair, then one,
    or what you already
    have. That makes it
    more likely that you
    avoid bias" chapter 4 line 3.

  5. I think these people have to move forward. You're not born because of a religion. You're born because nature is made so. God give life to everybody. By thinking the way they think, they just isolate themselves. Brazilians are warm and kind people, and they don't deserve this.
    Acho que esse povo tem que avançar. Você não nasce porque faz parte de uma religião. Você nasce porque a natureza é feita assim. Só se isolam porque não sabem se adaptar em país nenhum.

  6. ISLAM IS A RACIST RELIGION!!!! They were the FIRST to enslave AFRICANS!!! Brazilian Women should embrace their African heritage rather than try to adapt such a hypocritical culture and religion like Islam!


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