Afro-Centrist Criticisms Towards Black Muslims | FGM, Castration, Arabisation Speakers Corner: COE

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Speakers Corner 2nd February 2020. *DJ Riza Cam
Danjuma, Eesa, Zakarya, Kola

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Comment (47)

  1. Black Muslims don't deny who they are and where they come from but kemet, black hebrews and moors are pretty blacks from west African heritage who want to claim north Africa and west asia as their origin yet these so called afrocentrists dont seem to say much.

  2. Mansa Musa and Gaddafi:
    Are two muslims
    One is a black muslims and the other is an Arab Muslims and these two Muslims donate and spent more money in their support and fight for Africa more than all the non Muslims islamaphobe pan Africans put together, ex. Gaddafi a Muslim Arabs feed, clothes and shelter more African adults and children, far far much more than Marcus Garvey' and every other pan Africans all put together, non Muslim blacks are badmind and too damm ungrateful

  3. Much love and respect ✊🏾 to all 3 of you. Uncle Danjuma, Eesa and walaalkey Khalid!

    But all with all due respect you spoke about the politics of Islam and most ex-muslims such as myself, have issues with the theology of Islam.

    We know of the conquests of the Islamic empire but we reject the theology.

    My question to you is, as a Somali ex Muslim can I live openly and in peace in my native country along with my Somali brothers and sisters who are in majority Muslim?? If not then tell me, who is rejecting who exactly?

    We agree 💯% about how the black people need to wake up and do for their own but the question becomes would you side with me as your African brother despite not sharing your beliefs if I was up against an arab Muslim??

    Again nothing but love and respect ✊🏾 to you all but it’s time we have honest conversations.

  4. The Somali guy has disgraced us , he trying to appease people that will not except him until he gives up his religion. Show some dignity , they don’t care if you from Hargeysa or Mogadishu.. to them you are Muslim and Somali .

  5. Fact is most of the people speaking ill of African Muslims haven't researched African History at all. They are just parroting old orientalist stereotypes and the media promote these conmen who postulate that ahistorical poppycock. A form one child in Trinidad in the 90s know better than them.

  6. All talk and preaching….
    Its 2020 bro. The enemy ain't the white men no more. Its your backward culture, victim mentality, draconian religion and your inability to unite among yourselves (tribal reasons among others)…

  7. at 32:15 Ubadah ibn as-Samit was the black man send to speak with al-Muqawqis, the egyptian ruler. Anyways, I stopped watching Speakers corner a long time ago, but I am happy I stumbled across this video.

  8. This is why I come to Speakers Corner conversations and discussions like this May Allah bless all the brothers in the video Always a shout out to my brother Leon and C.O.E family 👊🏿💯👊🏿

  9. Will this old fool start talk about the black people in Mauritaine who being in slavery till this day.

    Islam and Christianity is just the same. Garbage and the false prophet Muhhamed who start this cult.

    There where No moslims in Africa till pedo Muhhamed step on the seen. Shut your big mouth fool.

    Is there someone who like to explain the vers below?

    Holy Quran 21:105
    وَلَقَدْ كَتَبْنَا فِي الزَّبُورِ مِن بَعْدِ الذِّكْرِ أَنَّ الْأَرْضَ يَرِثُهَا عِبَادِيَ الصَّالِحُونَ

    Before this We wrote in the Psalms, after the Message (given to Moses): My servants the righteous, shall inherit the earth."

  10. danjuma,what has the FORCIBLE castration of millions during the Arab slave trade and racisim towards the darker skinned humans. , got to do with Egypt. get the fuk out of here and stop calling yourself pan african

  11. God loves the righteous not the wicked
    Psalm 92:12 12The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon;
    After 2000 years (as old as the dead sea scrolls) these palm tree seeds sprouted

    righteous people in all faiths and even in people with no faiths.
    but some people need teaching and some already have righteous hearts.

  12. The FGM usually found in Somalia, and the rest of the Horn of Africa, Egypt and Sudan is indeed called Firawni, it is the most extreme kind. To suggest it has anything to do with Islam is absolute ignorance. It is practiced by not only the Muslims of these regions but also Coptic Christians of Egypt, Christians in Ethiopia, Jew Beta Israel.The oldest recorded practice of it is on an Egyptian Mummy, a Princess. It is an ancient and barbaric practice. "Female circumcision1 is a long-standing practice of numerous traditional cultures around the world. It is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt during the rule of Pharaohs. The first confirmed instance of this practice dates back to female mummies in 484 b.c. (Slack, 1988, p. 444) and 200 b.c. (El Dareer, 1983, p. 41). The Greek historian Herodotus confirmed the practice of female circumcision in Egypt during his mid-fifth-century b.c. visit to the country. Nile Nubians circumcised nine- and ten-year-old girls with either sunna or pharaonic types (see the fivefold classification below) (Colón & Colón, 2001, p. 173). A Greek papyrus from 163 b.c. made specific reference to operations performed on girls in Memphis (i.e., the ruined capital of ancient Egypt located south of present-day Cairo) when they were of age to receive their dowry (Kouba & Muasher, 1985, p. 95). The Greek geographer Agatharchides of Cnidus also reported that the practice of excision was prevalent among tribes on the western coast of the Red Sea (Mackie, 1996, p. 1003). Moreover, the Greek geographer Strabo reported the ritual practice of female circumcision when he visited Egypt in 25 b.c. (Hosken, 1982). More specifically, Strabo distinguished “between the operations of circumcision and excision” (Bryk, 1934, p. 271)"
    The Cut: Exploring FGM:

  13. You know, it's time Danjuma stop calling himself pan african because he is really an arab muslim apologist. He is confused in his heart and the only reason why Kalam and shakara etc don't go for him and MOST of the nonsense he sprouts, is because he is an uncle. …but how long can that protect him, we shall see

  14. This why original people need to ask themselves this. " All the religions, and divine laws from the most was sent to black people to deliver the message, and non- black people have inherited it via black people and they practise racism, to control the original people legendary influences". Can u really take religion from hypocrites

  15. Salam aleikhoum..if brother Easa or tha Uncle can see my message can you please clarified first the skin colour of the ANCIENT Arabs specially the Quraysh at the time of the Prophet MUHAMMAD (swh) because the way they discribed themselves in the most authentics Hadiths and when you are talking about the Arabs Slavery there's a big confusion I'm 100% sure for example that UMAR ibn KHATTAB was darker than Bilal ! According to the most authentic descriptions

  16. Ethiopia brought up by eessa lol you couldn't make this up!!!Christian that protected Mohammed when he Fled. The Reward was Mohammed forcing Christian Out of Arabian Peninsula later. Some Credit given for seeing problems in Islam, Was bilal ever Freed??? Hadith says Mohammed swapped 2 Black slaves for another!!!


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