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  1. although I'm not better than anybody I'm not saying a bum as in like a Castaway type of thing I'm saying a bum as in character know you have to have a spine on the inside so that's what I mean I mean I don't look down on people because I was once homeless so I don't mean bum in that reference someone to clear that up but I mean as a person you should have the wherewithal to pick yourself up by your bootstraps so I don't look down on people for being on the Street Homeless cuz I was there so don't get that twisted

  2. I love you reluctant Nabi you peel away the layers oh, that and there's other layers I guess you'll probably be getting to them. But that bum you had in the back seat,, is a bum you been out on the street since you were eleven then you're a bum you should have beat a man somewhere around 17-18 join the military you shouldn't be on the street because your mother put you out and if you trying to say that because your mother put you out at 11 and you're still on the street at 41 you're a bum you don't represent anything. I was also homeless I was thrown out at 16 by my dad even though it was the right thing to do because he saw where I was headed and then you sign me up for the military at 17. also I was homeless when I got out of the military for about a year or two while living with and aunts until I got my first job starting at restaurant moved all the way up until I became now a truck driver CDL a. so at some point you should have wanted to be a man and believe me I was also homeless completely living at Detroit Rescue Mission. But we The Reluctant one. Also Birds kick their young birds out of the nest so that they can learn to fly once they kick them out they either learn to fly or they going to hit the ground. So for some boys and girls throwing them out of the nest is necessary

  3. With the advent of internet accessible cell phones and so many BTNs and their simps uploading their dysfunction to social media…… There are no more secrets. They provide ALL the evidence ever needed to expose their secrets and destroy the generational lies.


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