September 18, 2021

33 thoughts on “Afro-Mexicans: One of the world’s most forgotten Black communities

  1. Peace family, black people are in every country Don't let them fool you. They try to cover up history. But know this being the first people made on this earth. Know that it's impossible for us not to be every where. They white wash history and paint the pictures. But there's a lot of information on what black people did for this world. So keep your head up and we'll send some history if you don't know. Peace

  2. Not forgoten in mexico they are mexicans, like other countries who make a big distinction between color of skin , most of us are dark skin brown skin how ever you want to see it.

  3. Man, this "documental" is so pretentious, tbh they say it's because they are black no one in México has heard of them before, the truth is that there are hundres if not thousands of communities that independantly of their race I have never hear of.
    And what do they mean that they are not recognized as mexicans?
    Thwy have theur id's, their birth certificate, they live in a rural community, yes, but so do a lot more people who look mayan, asian, menonites and so on.

  4. Mexico opened their doors to runaway slaves since 1837 and abolished it later on, when the states came to request their slaves back mexcio said no slaves exist here. Now its sad that black people treat Mexican people bad up in the states when the mexicans opened the doors to their ancestors

  5. Nice community, I hate that people are saying that they are being oppressed by mexico because they really aren't. Good chunks of Mexico are just as poor not just this place. They also were not push out most just happen to want to live there and most that moved out simply mixed in with Mexico's population that is hard to differentiate them from other people. Even in this video most look like the Mexicans I see when I go to Mexico.

  6. Everytime a human has dark skin, they always consider them Africans. Racist is hell, knowing damn well the real indigenous ppl of these land were melanated people. Conquistador ppl are hybrids let’s talk real truth.

  7. When I was in prison there was this dude we called Blu. He was was a white Mexican, with red hair and beard and an African face. He wasn't Albino btw. Turns out my former neighbor was related to him as cousins. I also remembered that part of neighbors family was redheads.

    This guy was one hell of a personality. True to his word type dude. He was the leader of the residents in our barrack.

  8. I kinda like whitexicans not bothering us 🤣 Those in the costa chica live in peace with other indigenous communities. We got the best sea food and tropical fruits. And most of all, our communities are very safe.

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