September 22, 2023

Where do and the diaspora sit on the key issues that are confronting us? Onyekachi Wambu contemplates the perspectives of Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism.
The calls for restitution of looted artefacts and ancestral remains from Western museums and cultural institutions has reawakened interest in the past. This interest should not be limited to the past but should extend to the future, expanding the activity of the small group of nerdy futurologists and sci-fi fans amongst us.  
Of course, the Wakanda films (Black Panther and Wakanda Forever) are triggering a new interest in the future and its connections to the past, but this is a response to fiction derived from a comic book. Beyond this kind of fantasy, what do ordinary people actually make of the future and how do they integrate the past, present and the future into one seamless experience?
A small experiment was conducted by me, ahead of a paper delivered at a Ghanaian conference on…

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