September 16, 2023

Is it possible to build the type of country that meets the needs of its citizens without the misaligned values that stand in the way today? Moky Makura explores a bold new vision aimed at building a across and the diaspora.

A very patriotic friend recently shared his frustrations and some of the challenges he experienced serving his country in a highly political role on the continent. 

I could discern the strong sense of loyalty and love-for-country underlying the deep feelings of disappointment and dissatisfaction at the status quo. It felt like he had given up on his dream and was relinquishing the future of his country to those whose values and vision were so very different to his. 

“My country,” he concluded with some sadness from his new job in the US, “will be successful as a concept before it is successful as a country.”

His statement implied to me that there was a need for a shared vision or idea of what…

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